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Wide Angle Lens For Smartphone – Image via blackeyelens.com

Wide Angle Lens For Smartphone – Traditionally, olloclip has made clip-on smartphone lenses at a single price point. Wide-angle, fisheye, macro, and telephoto lenses are used as before as part of the Essential range, but the company has announced a premium Pro range to run next to, and an Intro range for budget buyers.

Olloclip claims the new Pro lenses provide the highest quality ever, and they are intended for fans who understand the potential of smartphone photography with additional lenses but don’t want to compromise on image quality. This is the route taken by Zeiss and the Exolens series, but the price is twice the price and is now hard to find, because it has been officially stopped.

Wide Angle Lens For Smartphone

There are two Pro lenses now. One of them is the Pro Super Wide lens, which offers a wider field of view than ordinary cameras and a slight distortion of any olloclip lens, we were told. The other is a 2x telephoto lens that offers the same magnification as the previous olloclip photo telescope but with more light gathering power.

Olloclip’s new Pro lens is fortunately much cheaper than the Zeiss’s Exolens range, which costs £ 101.51 / $ 119.95 with a clip or £ 84.60 / $ 99.99 individually.

The lens and clip Olloclip Intro
If it’s a little outside your budget, the new olloclip Intro line might be more interesting. This is another new range of lenses, this time listed under the existing olloclip Essentials.

Currently, olloclip has announced a Wide Angle lens and a single joint Macro for this Intro line, which will sell for £ 33.82 / $ 39.95 with clips or £ 16.91 / $ 19.99 individually. This functions as a Wide Angle lens normally, but you release the front element to show a macro lens – this is a dual-lens system that has been used before in the Essential range.

Olloclip acknowledges that the new Intro lens produces a ball effect that is slightly larger than the Essential Super Wide lens, but it’s still ideal for selfies, group video chat or just getting a ‘bigger picture’.

The new Pro and Intro lenses are all compatible with the Connect X olloclip and clip Multi-Device system that was recently announced – olloclip also makes special clips for the iPhone X.

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