Where To Buy Cheap Smartphones, What to look for when buying a $100 smartphone

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Where To Buy Cheap Smartphones – It used to be the case that low-end Android smartphones were really a junk experience, plagued by judder and quickly ran out of storage / RAM. At present, it’s possible to buy a super cheap device and get a decent experience. Of course, it won’t have a lot of storage space or a decent camera, but it will get the job done and will perform better than you expected in most situations. So keeping that in mind, we are here to tell you what to look for when buying a $ 100 smartphone.


You can’t get an octa-core chipset in this price bracket, with quad-core chipsets (Cortex-A53 or Cortex-A7 ancient) being the staple for a $ 100 smartphone. This chipset will provide a satisfying experience for everyday use, social media, and web browsing, although you can definitely expect slowdown now and again.

Where To Buy Cheap Smartphones

However, if you find an octa-core processor, they will definitely pack eight Cortex-A53 cores that breathe in strength rather than a stronger core. Either way, you will not play the latest games on this phone, with 2D titles being safer bets.

In terms of RAM, a $ 100 smartphone usually has between 1GB and 2GB of memory. Ideally, you should use a cellphone with a minimum of 2GB, so you can still jump between apps without mobile phones that aggressively kill it.

I strongly recommend that you get a Go Android phone if you choose a device with 1 GB RAM – the lightweight nature of the platform means that you have to deal with memory that is well reduced. Stay away from phones with 512MB RAM, however, unless you don’t mind Instagram reloading news feeds because you dare to check the news and reddit.


Low-class phones often tend to save money in storage, so you generally won’t find 64GB or 32GB of storage here. Even 16GB is not necessarily given.

However, you should choose at least 16 GB if you can afford it, because photos, videos, application data, and other files will quickly consume your storage. In addition, 8GB space is not always the end of the world, provided you are willing to store photos and videos on a microSD card and use cloud services such as Google Photos and Google Play Music. Heck, in the latter case, 250 songs or more can easily reach 1GB, so don’t go wild with playlist downloads.

This operating system contributes around 2GB to 3GB, making you less than 8GB or 16GB. And with people like Facebook, YouTube, Sync for Reddit, and other applications that are bulging when you use it, you have to diligently clean the cache of your application.

Speaking of storage expansion, most of the $ 100 phones come with a microSD slot, so you don’t get stuck with 8GB or 16GB of storage. Somehow find a $ 100 phone without microSD expansion? Then it is totally unfit, pass!


When it comes to resolution, don’t hold your breath to display 1080p in this tier. Conversely, 480p and 540p screens are the staple at this price point. Mobile phones with a 720p screen are never heard, as was done by Xiaomi Redmi 6A.

Screen size will not be a problem at this level, because you will find everything from 4-inch phones to 6-inches and so on. In other words, those who have giant hands must have several choices. Note that resolution becomes more important when you increase the screen size. The 4-inch screen will look pretty sharp at 960 x 540, but a 6-inch screen with the same resolution will undoubtedly look blurry.

AMOLED screens are also not common in this category, because they are usually used for more expensive smart phones. So expect to find an LCD screen on most $ 100 phones.

TL; DR: 480p and the 540p screen will look pretty sharp on a 4 inch screen and around it, where pixels are crammed into a small area. But a resolution of 480p or 540p will appear blurry on the 5.5-inch screen and so on, because the pixels are basically stretched. If the clarity of the screen is high priority, the 720p screen is usually the highest resolution for a $ 100 smartphone.


Dual camera settings have been screened to a ton of smart phones in recent years, but they are still very rare at this price point. If you find it, expect a second camera to be the best VGA or 2MP quality shooter (for example Blu Advance A6 2018).

Much more common, however, is a single camera arrangement consisting of a 5MP shooter up to 13MP. These cameras will not have the best photo quality compared to pricier handsets, because they usually have small, inexpensive sensors that cannot collect as much light as a pricier sensor.

This phone is also 99 percent likely to sacrifice optical image stabilization (OIS) because of the cost. OIS allows the camera cover to stay open longer, increases low-light shots and reduces blurring in the process. OIS is also a necessity for video recording, because it can reduce the effects of the handshake driven judder. However, even without this feature, a $ 100 cellphone camera will complete work for social media and QR codes. Just hope the videos are shaky and the images are darker and less detailed compared to many mid-range phones.

Switch to the front and you will usually find anything between 2MP and 8MP for your selfie. Just like a rear camera, a budget selfie camera does not have a large sensor, resulting in disappointing photos in anything other than broad daylight. Don’t expect portrait mode here too, because usually it’s a more expensive cell phone domain.

Battery life

In general, you will find that a $ 100 device offers between 2,000 and 3000 million batteries. And when you combine lower resolution screens and budget chips with this battery, they have to last for workday usage (WhatsApp, music playback, email).

There are also some extra-working devices, offering 4,000 or even 5,000 mAh batteries, such as Nokia 2. This size is an exception rather than a rule but, after you press the 4,000mAh mark, you are on a two-day battery battery area.

Personally, I will see 3,000 mAh as a good starting point, especially if you intend to keep your cellphone for a while and the battery cannot be removed. After all, if your battery is on the small side from day one, it will only get worse due to degradation.

Additional features

You get the basics when buying a $ 100 device, so you can’t expect water / dust resistance, wireless charging, or USB Type-C on this phone. But some phones offer Bluetooth 5.0, and / or fingerprint sensors, making it stand out more.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about shopping for a $ 100 smartphone. Are there any other instructions we miss? Tell us through the comment section below!

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