Walmart Smartphone Plans, Walmart declares war on Amazon with plans for its own cashierless stores – and has already opened its first Sam’s Club outlet

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Walmart Smartphone Plans – The Walmart membership retail storage network is ready to face Amazon with the launch of a new concept store that does not have a cash register or register. A Sam’s Club in Dallas, Texas is testing a new store format where buyers use applications to buy food without the need to stand at the checkout line, according to CNBC.

This concept is very close to Amazon Go, the cashier-less shops launched last year by the internet giant. The 32,000-square-foot store is smaller than the other Sam Club locations and most of them display basic necessities such as products, meat and alcohol.

Walmart Smartphone Plans

For now, it is launched for certain customers, but the company expects to grow soon, CNBC said.

In the Dallas store, buyers open the ‘Sam’s Club Now’ application when they enter the building and use it to find items in the store.

When buyers want items, they scan the barcode and are automatically added to their cellular basket.

They can follow the map on the screen in the application that helps them navigate to certain items in the store.

This application can also answer verbal commands about where to find items.

When buyers leave the store, they will scan the code with an employee at the door, which will automatically charge their account.

This application can suggest items to buy based on shopper’s history and they can order from anywhere to be taken in one hour.

Sam’s Club says it’s a source of technology that appears to power applications and the overall store experience.

Executives have referred to stores as ‘innovation laboratories’ and ‘technology incubators’.

“We will use all available technologies – including computer vision, augmented reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, just to name a few – to redefine retail experience,” Jamie Iannone, CEO of, said in a post blog.

That comes because many traditional retailers are preparing to take on the Amazon, which has rocked the industry.

“We are out to win,” said Sam’s Club CEO John Furner, according to Business Insider.

“This means we must continue to eliminate friction for both our colleagues and members.”

Amazon pioneered store design without cashiers by launching the Amazon Go store last year.

The company is expected to open up to 3,000 from cashier shops by 2021.

Amazon already has four Go storage locations, but it may have up to 10 locations opened at the end of the year, with as many as 50 in 2019.

Amazon opened its first cashier shop in Seattle two years ago and has launched two additional locations in Seattle and another in Chicago.

CEO Jeff Bezos is considering whether stores should offer fast food and limited daily necessities, such as 7-Eleven, or whether they should offer sandwiches, soups and other items such as Pret a Manger.

By rolling out 3,000 Amazon Go stores, Amazon will quickly become one of the largest chains in the US.

The company is mostly targeting urban areas with rich young people who are able to pay for goods at slightly higher prices, but ensure better quality than fast food.

This will put shops in competition with businesses such as Subway, Panera and Pret a Manager, as well as other places that offer fast bites and takeout items.

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