Verizon Samsung Tablets, Samsung Galaxy Book 2 tablet review: Performance takes a back seat to battery life

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Verizon Samsung Tablets – Give credit Samsung: Galaxy Book 2 boldly breaks through from the first generation Galaxy Book both inside and outside. The new 2-in-1 company not only inserts a thin folding keyboard to support more traditional tablet anchors, but also joins a small line of PCs that have adopted a Qualcomm Snapdragon microprocessor that breathes batteries. However, the performance has dropped dramatically, even though battery power has surged to 18 hours which is unprecedented.

The Galaxy Book 2 boasts Samsung’s incredible AMOLED display and rich sound, with LTE capabilities, pen and keyboard, all sold for $ 999. Besides the CPU switch, the second generation made several compromises. Built-in 4GB of memory and 128GB of storage is a little minimal, for example, and OS-Windows 10 Home in S Mode – might turn off some. For basic work on the road, Galaxy Book 2 offers several interesting arguments. But that experience is still too bumpy to be recommended to everyone.

Verizon Samsung Tablets

The Galaxy Book 2 uses Surface-style folding hinges. (Here, folded to show the keyboard is better.)

Galaxy Book 2: Basic specifications
Display: 12.0-inch Samsung AMOLED (2160×1440)
Processor: Qualcomm 8-core Snapdragon 850 (4 core @ 2.96GHz; 4 core @ 1.7 GHz)
Image: Qualcomm Adreno 630 (integrated)
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 128GB SSD
Ports: 2 USB-C, microSD, headphone jack
Wireless: 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac VHT80 MIMO; Snapdragon X20 LTE modem
Camera: front 5 MP, rear 8 MP
Battery: 47Wh
Operating system: Windows 10 Home in S Mode (Windows 10 Home as tested)
Dimensions: 11.32 x 7.89 x 0.30 inches
Weight: 1.74 pounds (tablet), 2.42 pounds (tablet plus keyboard), 2.64 pounds (tablet, keyboard and charger), which is measured
Price: $ 999; S Pen and keyboard included
Galaxy Book 2: Build quality and port

Physically, Galaxy Book demonstrates that changing midstream horses sometimes requires a new harness and tack. The Galaxy Book 2 is slightly shorter, slightly wider, slightly thicker, and 0.08 pounds lighter than its predecessor. More importantly, it is now built like a traditional tablet, with a kickstand that is almost completely lean, like the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. Adios, a folding keyboard.

The first generation book uses a chunky frame that surrounds the screen, and I hope for something a little slimmer this time. Not lucky. Fortunately, if you’ve seen the Samsung screen before, you know what you get: deep black, pitch black, and rich in color – though it may not be as rich or accurate as it appears on the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. The AMOLED touchscreen has 329 nits luminance which is comfortable, which will work well indoors and out. Although this tablet is not fully sealed – some vents on both sides look like some kind of strange new expansion port – it’s fanless.

As for the real expansion ports, Samsung jumped forward to USB-C with the first Galaxy Book, and the second Galaxy Book 2 also sports a pair of USB-C ports. Unfortunately, Samsung is just as unwise as, say, Huawei Matebook: You must provide your own USB-A adapter if you want to connect to an old device. High-speed Thunderbolt connection is also not available.

Keep in mind that the LTE slot also doubles as a microSD holder, although adding or reducing a SIM card or microSD card requires one of the smartphone’s SIM devices that interfere with sliding the drawer out.

There is no depth camera that is Windows certified Hello, even though there is a fingerprint reader on the back of the tablet, right next to the camera. There seems to be some problems when reading my fingers during setup, and I’m not sure about the feasibility of placing a fingerprint sensor next to the camera lens, which can be easily smudged. However, on the contrary, it works well.

For LTE, it’s definitely one reason to buy a device like the Galaxy Book 2. If you want to always be connected (and who isn’t?) A tablet like this will do the trick. A Verizon SIM is provided for inspection. I don’t have a Verizon-powered smartphone to compare receipts, but Book 2 seems to take signals wherever T-Mobile phones can, and some others. Remember that you will be able to buy Galaxy Book 2 from Sprint, AT & T, or Verizon stores, but you have to pay extra for the connection package.

Finally, don’t forget that the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 is marketed with Windows 10 in S Mode, which limits applications to what is provided at the Microsoft Store. Do you prefer the Google Chrome browser? Sorry! Remember, switching from S Mode to Windows 10 Home is a complete experience that is quite simple, and does not need any cost. This is a one-way button.

The real problem is that we are still using applications – especially our two benchmark applications – which flatly refuse to run on our Galaxy Book 2, because of the way they are encoded. That’s a risk you have to take.

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