Verizon Non Smartphones, Verizon shows off mobile 5G prototype smartphone

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Verizon Non Smartphones – Verizon announced that it is completing a call with a 5G test smartphone on the commercial 3GPP 5G New Radio (NR) network in Minneapolis. The company said that this phone uses a Snapdragon X50 5G modem and an integrated RF subsystem and an Ericsson standalone Option 3x core, which runs on Verizon’s 39 GHz spectrum.

Verizon representatives said that the device was built by Qualcomm. This news is noteworthy given that Verizon and all of the country’s major wireless network operators rushed to launch commercial 5G cellular services in the coming months, and successful test calls showed that efforts were underway.

Verizon Non Smartphones

Indeed, this latest announcement is based on previous Verizon testing, including over-the-end data transmission from the 3GPP 5G NR commercial network in Washington, D.C., using Nokia radio equipment that is commercially marketed.

The details listed in Verizon’s announcement today also offer a clearer picture of Verizon’s plans for 5G mobile phones – the operator has promised to launch 5G anyway later this year and then 5G cellular around six months later. In particular, Verizon said that the test used the NR 5G commercial network in Minneapolis, which might indicate that Verizon was building a 5G cellular network in the city. That’s important considering Verizon has just set four 5G launch cities so far: Sacramento, Los Angeles, Houston, and Indianapolis. (Although, to be clear, operators have said they will launch fixed wireless services in these cities by the end of this year; he has not yet named the 5G mobile market).

Verizon representatives said that the company had not announced the 5G mobility market, and continued testing.

Furthermore, Verizon said that 5G testing calls use the 39 GHz operator spectrum. Verizon has not commented much on its 5G spectrum strategy beyond stating that it can offer a fixed 1 Gbps wireless internet connection at 28 GHz above 2,000 feet. That operators can use 39 GHz for cellular services should be noted.

Verizon ordered ownership of a millimeter wave spectrum that is significant in 39 GHz and 28 GHz. The operator has not yet discussed whether to launch 5G services in the lower spectrum, as promised by T-Mobile with 600 MHz.

Verizon is not alone in discussing 5G smartphones. For example, AT & T said that it plans to offer a “chip” type of device when it launches 5G cellular services in a dozen cities later this year. Operators also today announced the results of additional 5G testing. And Sprint and LG announced that they are building a 5G mobile phone that the company believes will be the first 5G mobile phone in the country.

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