Symetium Smartphone, Symetium might be the most powerful smartphone ever made

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Symetium Smartphone – If you like your very determined smartphone, Christmas just arrived early – this one has 6GB of RAM that has never been there and 256GB of default storage. Except, well, it’s not, because it’s not there. However. Nicknamed Symetium, it was an Indiegogo project from a group of Gothenburg-based technicians who apparently took a book called “compromise” and threw it into the trash. Then pour lighter liquid in the trash. Then throw the match that lights up in the trash.

Let’s look at this. It has a 1080p 5in OLED screen, Snapdragon 820 processor, 6GB RAM, builds dustproof and waterproof, USB Type-C connectors, front facing stereo speakers, 24MP rear camera, 5MP front camera and up to 256GB built-in storage.

Symetium Smartphone

It runs on Android 6.0 M, or rather the customized version that the maker calls SymetiumOS. This has been designed not only with cellular use in mind, but as a desktop OS. Because there’s something else about Symetium: it’s designed to replace your PC and your smartphone.

The cellphone will connect to an external display via HDMI or a wireless adapter, and you can connect the mouse and PC too. The OS, meanwhile, changes the application to a desktop-style file explorer.

Looking at the Indiegogo page for cellphones, it’s hard not to be skeptical about everything. Does anyone really want their Android phone to be duplicated as a desktop PC? One who can’t run Windows and Mac applications? And when every major cellphone manufacturer hovers around the 3 to 4GB mark for RAM for their fastest and strongest device, do small startups from Sweden really know the best way to use stable 6GB RAM? Really, will the campaign succeed in achieving a substantial funding target of US $ 1,250,000?

The makers say that, should reach the target, the first Symetium handset collection will be given to supporters in August 2016. At the time of writing, supporting this project at a cost of US $ 599 (£ 395) will secure you early. 64GB bird phones, while a US $ 999 backing (660 pounds) will pocket the top of the 256GB model with a keyboard / mouse case, travel case, docking station and wireless display adapter.

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