Smartphones For Dummies, What to look for when you’re buying a new smartphone

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Smartphones For Dummies – I have reviewed more than a hundred smart phones over the past decade (maybe even hundreds), and there are some features on every cellphone that are heavier when it comes to whether or not receiving a good review or not.

This can be a stressful purchase of a new smartphone, especially as prices rise beyond $ 1,000. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, you just need to know what to look for before you make a purchase. This is what you must pay attention to.

Smartphones For Dummies

If you are like most of us, you will spend hours every day staring at the screen of your smartphone. Make sure you buy one that is bright enough to be seen outdoors, and sharp enough where the text does not look blurry as you surf the web.

If you buy a cellphone with a large screen, don’t use 1920 x 1080p resolution and, if you can splurge, look for a sharper HD 2560 x 1440 HD resolution. Consider the screen size too. Can you easily achieve that? Do you want a bigger screen for a movie or a smaller one that is easier to hold and tends to not come out of your hand?

Read reviews or talk to people who already have a cellphone that you want to buy. You want one that will last all day, if possible. The biggest complaint I get from friends and family is that their smartphone is “always dead.” If you are in this group, consider a smartphone with a fast charging battery. Most Android smartphone makers include special chargers that can charge the battery at least half the cost in just minutes. Or, if you have an iPhone, consider buying an iPad charger to get more juice.

I know that many people try to save money by buying cheaper cellphones, but often they send without much storage on the plane. I recommend buying a smartphone with at least 64GB of storage, or more if you plan to download music and movies. Applications are much bigger lately, and images can take up a lot of space if you don’t save them in the cloud (Apple photos, Google Photos, or other services that offer this option. Some Android smartphones also offer a “microSD” card slot that allows you to increase storage room.

If you like sharing photos with friends and family, make sure you buy a cellphone with a good camera. Most of the more expensive phones (Galaxy S9 and iPhone X) are very good at shooting in low light, which means you will still get good pictures in a dim restaurant without a flash. Budget phones usually don’t have a good camera, so consider spending a little more if this is important to you.

You can be tempted to buy an old or paired smartphone to save a few dollars, but there are some things to consider before you do it. If you are too old (usually 2-3 years) you may immediately stop getting important software updates, including security patches. Also, because the application becomes stronger, the processor and memory but does not offer enough power to run the latest games or photo editing software. If you only send text and check e-mail, a restored or older cell phone can be very suitable.

Company reputation
If you can, do a little research on the company that makes smartphones. Apple, Samsung, LG and most other household names are safe bets. Others, such as Blu, Huawei, and OnePlus, which often sell superior “affordable” smartphones, have come under fire for various reasons. US intelligence agents advised against buying smart phones from Huawei, for example, while Blu and OnePlus were caught sending personal data back to headquarters.

The rest
Finally, consider a number of other things that might be important to you now or on the road. Are there stereo speakers? High-end phones like the iPhone X and Galaxy S9 do, which means you hear audio coming from above and below (or left and right if you watch movies and play games.) Does it support wireless charging? This can be convenient if you want to just put your cellphone on a pad on your desk. Does it have a headphone jack or do you need to use Bluetooth headphones or an adapter with your wired headset? Does this support newer 5G networks? US wireless operators will launch a faster network this year, which means you will be able to download applications, games, files and more at a much faster speed. If you want a bit of a future check, consider that too.

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