Smartphone Zoom Lens Review, Review: Moment’s Tele Lens brings up to 4x optical zoom while MFi Battery Case doubles your iPhone charge and adds a DSLR-like shutter button

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Smartphone Zoom Lens Review – Moment announces Case New MFi certified battery for the iPhone earlier this fall while the new Telephoto lens has just joined the company’s product line to improve your iPhone photography. Read on for our full review of sharp cases and the Moment lens system.

Moment products have a strong and smooth taste. Part of that comes from the fact that the lens does not depend on the universal clip system. Instead, Moment has a three-case range for iPhone, Samsung and Google smartphones that use a twist-lock system to embed lenses that seriously expand the camera capabilities of your smartphone.

Smartphone Zoom Lens Review

Moment System Overview
3 cases to choose from: Photo Case, Battery Photo Case and Photo Case Wallet
5 lenses to choose from: Wide, Telephoto, Anamorphic, Macro, and Superfish
Replaceable lenses are easy to exchange or even use on some iPhone and Android smartphones
All lenses are equipped with a microfiber carrying bag and lens cap
The lens displays an aspherical design for sharp images from end to end
Works with iPhone 6 and newer with compatible cases

Moment Case
Moments offer a large selection of cases to pair with a great collection of lenses. What I appreciate most is that the case is so good that it is worthy of being used as daily protection rather than other cases to be stored only when you want to use an external lens.

All cases include photo-friendly features such as curves, smooth edges for comfortable grip and connection points for attaching wrists or neck straps.

I especially like the case of Foto Dompet which holds two cards, but still remains slim and comfortable. This is a very comfortable case for everyday use and makes it quick and painless to throw on the Moment lens in an instant.

Speaking of installing a Moment lens, there is a small line at the top of each box that matches the line that fits on each lens, then a quarter turn secures it to your iPhone. Even with cold hands, I find it easy to attach and delete them.

Moment Battery Case
For those looking for extra juice and a special shutter button, the Photo Battery Case will be interesting. This is an LIS and Qi certified battery that recharges through Lightning, and doubles the battery life of your iPhone.

There are several more unique features with this battery case. First, the Moment includes an electronic shutter button like a DSLR. This allows users to adjust the focus by half-pressing and it is easier to take pictures with full pressure. It offers a smoother experience than relying on one of the volume buttons, and means you don’t have to think about watching the digital shutter button in the camera application.

Another bonus, even if you don’t take pictures with the Moment app, the Battery Cover shutter button will work with any application that allows the volume buttons to take photos and videos.

The second unique feature is the Battery Case software that can be customized by the user and Moment designed it to allow updates. In the Moment application, you can see the remaining battery level of the chassis, activate / deactivate charging, check for updates, and switch background actions to the physical shutter button.

As seen above, the color coded three-point indicator in the upper left corner gives you a quick overview of the charge left in the battery casing. Tapping “Case” opens settings, allowing you to enable / disable, and install updates.

The default setting when you insert your iPhone into the Battery Case means filling it. Slides can easily get in and out of the shell, similar to how Apple’s Smart Battery Case works with the top fold back slightly.

I have a problem with the Battery Case because it seems to drain very fast. But that eventually became a problem with the software and how to report the battery level to the Moment application. Updates must be launched immediately to squash bugs.

Moment Lens
Moments offer a variety of lenses to expand your iPhone’s camera capabilities. I tested the 18mm Wide Lens, 15mm Superfish Lens and the new 58mm Telephoto Lens. After you choose a compatible casing, the lens ranges from $ 70- $ 100, Moment has an Amazon storefront too, but the product is priced slightly lower on the website itself.

Wide Lens
Even with the increase in the number of cameras on the iPhone for years, there are still times when you cannot record scenes with a fixed field of view. In my time with the 18mm Wide Lens, I was impressed with how it can help capture more feelings like what it feels like to experience real life.

The above are two images that are not touched directly from the iPhone X. You quickly realize how many fields of view you get with the 18mm Wide Lens in the image on the left. I think the lens also produces richer colors too.

Here’s another comparison from the mountain view:

There are no edits in one of these images. I think this is a better comparison that shows richer colors that the Wide Lens Moment produces in addition to a much better field of view.

Here’s one last comparison:

Telephoto Lens
The new 58mm lens from Moments offers 2x optical zoom and provides 4x optical zoom for users when paired with iPhone X, XS or XS Max telephoto lenses. Compared to the previous 60mm Telephoto Lens, Moment has optimized the 58mm Tele to utilize larger sensors on devices such as the iPhone XS.

Taking everything we have learned about the latest and greatest smartphone cameras, we have optimized optics for larger new sensors and higher-quality image devices such as iPhone XS, Google Pixel 3, and Samsung Note 9.

For iPhone X and XS / XS Max users, you can place a 58mm Telephoto Lens over an iPhone telephoto lens for 4x optical zoom and use it with the Moment application.

Alternately, for fast shooting, you can leave it placed above the iPhone’s wide-angle lens and adjust the zoom to 1.9x with the default camera application on iOS.

In addition to getting closer to subjects such as animals and humans without sacrificing image quality, Telephoto lenses also offer exceptional results for beautiful shooting. Here are some examples of 7,000 feet. Only with an iPhone, snow-capped mountains hide in the background. The 58mm Tele lens allows me to see it deeper.

Superfish lens
While Superfish Lenses are something that I consider less useful than regular Wide or Telephoto Lens, it still offers a fun and unique effect.

Like other lenses, I find colors that are richer than the fisheye effect with the 15mm Superfish Lens.

Moment Applications and Accessories
Lineup Moment also includes a variety of accessories to get the most out of the lens system, keep it clean, and much more.

Working with several third parties, Moment offers everything from backpacks to video equipment. The company also sells neck straps, wrist straps, lens carrier bags, lens cleaning tools, lens filters, and more. This is indeed a strong ecosystem.

Even though you don’t need to use the Moment – Pro Camera application with a lens, users will likely get the best experience with it. There is a free version, while opening all capabilities costs $ 4.

The full application includes detailed control over shutter speed, ISO, lighting, focus, and white balance. You can also shoot in RAW with the Pro $ 4 application upgrade.

Another sharp feature is the Moment application including “Shutter 3D” which allows the initial emphasis to set focus with a deeper emphasis for cutting out images.

With Moment, iPhone users (and Android too) can really improve their photography for less than $ 100. Photo cases for the iPhone are sold now for $ 24, with 60mm Telephoto Lens also discounted to $ 70 (previously $ 90).

Moments feel like a great way for beginners to get their feet wet with a quality system, and also for experienced photographers to get more from their iPhone or camera Android smartphone.

Currently only starting to send Photo Case for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. Meanwhile, maybe a little longer before the Battery Case and Photo Wallet are available for the latest iPhone.

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