Smartphone Tv Remote, The Best Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV Remote Apps and Controls

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Smartphone Tv Remote – If you have Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick, you might appreciate the remote control. Fortunately, there are physical and application based options, and both official products and third party options. In this article, we will introduce you to the best applications and remote control of Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV. You must have found one that will prove useful!

1. Official Alexa Voice Remote

You can buy an official Amazon Fire TV separately on Amazon. This is useful if your original remote is damaged or missing, or if you only want a second remote in your lounge. It has navigation arrows, cross-application voice search, Alexa integration, and Play, Pause, and Skip buttons.

Smartphone Tv Remote

2. All-new Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon released a new official remote in October 2018. It has several important improvements compared to the first generation model.

Most notably, this includes a volume button, which means you don’t have to keep a long distance TV near you when you watch. There is also a power button and a mute button, both of which are not from the original design.

Before you press the “Buy” button, make sure your Fire TV device is compatible. The new remote is not compatible with every Amazon Fire TV device. It only works with second generation Fire TV Stick, 4K Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and third-gen Amazon Fire TV.

3. Sideclick Remote SC2-FT16K for Amazon Fire TV

What about some of the best third-party options? First is the Sideclick Remote SC2-FT16K.

This is an add-on unit for the first generation Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Fire TV that we discussed earlier.

The add-on, which attaches to the left side of the remote, adds a lot of extra functions. You will find the power button and volume control, as well as a choice of other programmable buttons that you can use to control a normal TV (such as input and channel modifier).

4. Official application of Amazon Fire TV Remote

The official Amazon Fire TV smartphone application is available on Android and iOS. Free to download and use.

Many people prefer to use the application via remote. Not only does it let you use the keyboard for easier text entry, but it also includes shortcuts to all applications on your Fire TV and the Sleep function that is in it. It can also switch between different Fire TV devices on your network by pressing the button.

Pairing applications with your Fire TV device for the first time is as easy as connecting to the same Wi-Fi network and entering a four-digit PIN code.

5. Amazon Fire TV Game Controller

Another official Amazon remote is the Fire TV Game Controller. Design signals are needed from the controller for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The controller has instant voice search and headphone jack for personal listening. And, thanks to the increase in the number of buttons, this lets you play the best Amazon Fire TV game. Of course, you can still use it to navigate your Fire TV Stick in the normal way.

Unfortunately, the game controller is not compatible with 4K Fire TV, 4K Fire Stick, TV Fire Edition TV, or Cube TV Fire.

6. Click Play

CetusPlay is an alternative Amazon Fire TV remote application. He works with the entire range of Fire TV products.

Features include D-pad, touchpad, keyboard and mouse. You can also use the application to transmit local files to your screen and watch live channels using the M3U playlist.

Interestingly, this application is compatible with Android TV boxes; if you have a mix of Fire TV devices and Android TV in your home, that is a good option.

7. iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for Fire TV

As we know, one of the biggest frustrations in using an ordinary remote with an Amazon Fire TV device is the lack of a keyboard.

Many applications have a login process, but more importantly, there is also a choice of web browsers to use on your TV Fire Stick that allows you to surf the internet. The lack of a keyboard makes the browser almost impossible to use efficiently.

The solution could be the iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for Fire TV. Backlit devices are almost the same size as ordinary remote. It also has basic navigation controls to let you move around the screen and choose content.

8. Basic Remote Edition for TV Fire Sticks

If you live outside the US, there is a possibility that you have an international edition of the Fire Stick. It does not have several functions from the American model.

Basic Remote Edition for Fire TV Stick is the included remote. It does not support Alexa and does not have volume control.

9. SofaBaton F2 Universal Remote Attachment

The SofaBaton F2 Universal All in One Remote Attachment is another device that clips to an existing Amazon Fire TV remote to offer more functionality.

Unlike the Sideclick model, which attaches to your remote side, the SofaBaton extension goes to the top of your handset.

It introduces 11 new buttons, including volume and power. There are also programmable buttons that you can use to control DVD players, satellite boxes, or soundbars.

10. AuviPal R9 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo Mini

We leave you with colorful AuviPal R9. This rolls up many of the best features from other remotes that we have discussed into one single device.

There is a full QWERTY keyboard, game keys, mouse trackpad, D-pad, and finger trigger left / right. All buttons are backlighted and can display more than 180,000 colors.

Best of all, AuviPal remote is not only compatible with Fire TV devices. It will also work with Nvidia Shields, other Android TV boxes, Kodi, Raspberry Pis, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3s. Unfortunately, the keyboard doesn’t work with the Roku device.

Don’t Forget to Install a Mouse
Remember, your Amazon Fire TV device is capable of running almost all Android applications, even if it’s not on the Amazon Appstore. You only need to learn how to align the application to your TV Fire Stick.

And if you do sideload the application, you also need to install the mouse application on your Amazon Fire Stick. This will make navigation easier to manage.

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