Smartphone Stud Finder, This Smartphone Sensor Lets You Peer Right Through Walls

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Smartphone Stud Finder – You might never again use stud sensors buried in your kitchen utility drawer with a new sensor for an Android smartphone called WalabotDIY that promises to let your device peek through walls that reveal everything from pipes to cables to unwanted pests that hiding between rooms.

This device is the first device to make Vayyar Imaging 3D sensor technology available in consumer-friendly products that do not require training to use. You only need to download the WalabotDIY application from the Google Play Store, connect the accessory to the USB port of your smartphone, and hold it on the wall.

Smartphone Stud Finder

For ease of use, WalabotDIY can also attach magnetically to the back of your smartphone so you can use both devices with one hand, so that your other hand is free to operate the application interface.

Unlike a stud sensor, which lights up a series of vague LEDs to show when it detects objects or cables behind the wall, the WalabotDIY application gives you a more visual picture of what is detected, its orientation, made of, and how far, to the depth of four inches.

If you do a home renovation, and don’t want to make more work for yourself when you cut a wall and accidentally cut a pipe, the price of $ 200 WalabotDIY actually sounds quite reasonable. Not as cheap as basic sensors, but consider it as additional insurance that the DIY project will be completed on time because you know what you are facing before demolition is underway.

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