Smartphone Signal Booster, Wilson Electronics launches cloud-enabled cell signal booster in Canada

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Smartphone Signal Booster – Wilson Electronics LLC today unveiled its WilsonPro Pro 1000C bi-directional signal booster system for Canadian customers. Designed for large businesses, the Pro 1000C can cover up to 35,000 square feet and supports up to 70dB.

While most cell signal amplifiers require technicians to run onsite diagnostics, the Pro 1000C allows the management team to solve common problems through Cloud WilsonPro. Users can change bands and receive personalized alerts for system failures, changes in single power, and oscillations.

Smartphone Signal Booster

WilsonPro Cloud establishes connections with devices via a secure LTE connection through a donor antenna or via an RJ-45 Ethernet cable. While Cloud WilsonPro requires an annual subscription to cover LTE connections and database costs, there is no need for an internet connection to operate.

In addition, the Pro 1000C provides real-time signal monitoring and signal strength analysis over time. It also has a cell site protection feature that prevents interference from the nearest cell tower.

WilsonPro Pro 1000C is available today as a signal booster device for $ 4,999.99. In addition to the Pro 1000C signal amplifier, this kit includes low-loss cables, 4G dome antennas, lightning surge protectors, and wideband directional antennas.

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