Smartphone Projector Android, Anker announces Nebula Capsule II pico projector with Android TV

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Smartphone Projector Android – Anker has released several Android-powered projectors over the past year – the Mars Nebula, Mars II Nebula, and Nebula Capsule. Even though Capsules are only around six months old, Anker already has plans for replacement. Nebula Capsule II is brighter, has a higher resolution projector, and runs a full Android TV operating system.

I have reviewed all Anker projectors so far, and my most pressing complaint in all of them is the software experience. All previous models run heavy modifications from normal Android, and no matter how much Anker polishes it, running a smartphone application on a device without a touch screen will never function properly.

Smartphone Projector Android

Fortunately, Capsule II runs the actual Android TV operating system (version 9 Pie). There is no apto App Store that is more vague – you get a Play Store loaded with thousands of applications optimized for TV. A Google Assistant is also present, accessible through a microphone implanted from a remote. The Capsule functions as a Cast receiver too, like other Android TV devices.

Anker has also made several improvements to the hardware. Projection resolution has jumped from 854×480 to 1280×720, brightness has doubled to 200 ANSI lumens, and the microUSB port has been replaced with a Type-C connector. Charging now works via USB Power Delivery (USB-PD), not Qualcomm Fast Charging. Finally, the internal loudspeaker has been upgraded, with 50% of the larger driver casing to ensure deeper bass.

Now after Anker finally adopted Android TV, and threw some hardware improvements to boot, Capsule II easily put out other Android-based pico projectors. Now available on Kickstarter, with an initial price of $ 369 (the retail price is $ 599). You can rewind it from the source link below, and Anker estimates that it will begin shipping in May 2019.

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