Smartphone Medic Columbia Sc, Smartphone app could save lives of heart attack victims. It’s coming to the Tri-Cities

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Smartphone Medic Columbia Sc – The smartphone application can start saving Tri-City’s life in one month. The Richland fire department led a campaign to bring PulsePoint to Mid-Columbia, thanks to financial support from the local hospital. PulsePoint is an application that is integrated with the 911 system to warn viewers who are trained in CPR against heart attacks that occur nearby.

This technology is widely supported by the fire department because it means victims can start receiving CPR before medical personnel can reach them. That has the potential to reduce the death rate by 90 percent for heart attacks that occur outside the hospital, according to the American Heart Association.

Smartphone Medic Columbia Sc

Chris Skinner, Richland police chief and emergency services director, told Benton County Emergency Services board that PulsePoint is being tested and must be ready for its public debut in a month.

Fire services in Benton and Franklin districts are on board, and regional hospitals pay simple license fees.

Application users with CPR training can show if they are willing to enter to help in an emergency.

When the 911 field attacks a heart, the system sends a “CPR Needed” warning to those users.

This system provides maps for AED defibrillators also to further increase the chances of survival.

Spokane implemented PulsePoint a few years ago. Regional respondents credit it by saving the lives of babies who stop breathing in stores.

The notification warns an EMT volunteer who works in the nearest garage.

Early treatment can mean the difference between life and death for 350,000 people who experience heart attacks outside the hospital each year, according to the American Heart Association. Receiving CPR from observers can double or multiply a person’s chances of survival.

While many Americans have received CPR training, very few have ever had the opportunity to use it. The American Red Cross, the main provider of CPR courses, called it a welcome addition.

“We support anything that saves lives,” said Peggy Hoggarth from Kennewick’s office.

The secondary feature promises to make PulsePoint must be owned by the news media and anyone interested in the arrival and departure of the fire department. This documented when the crew was sent, giving “looky-loos” with real-time views from the fire department’s call.

This application can be downloaded for free but is currently not active in the Tri-Cities.

The PulsePoint Foundation is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco that focuses on increasing the rate of endurance of heart attacks by allowing trained CPR audiences to help in the critical first minutes of an emergency. PulsePoint reports that the system has been activated almost 36,000 times, reaching more than 104,000 residents and respondents who were not on duty from the start.

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