Smartphone Marketplace, iPhone shipments steady amid contracting global smartphone market in recession

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Smartphone Marketplace – The global smartphone market is “effectively in recession,” Strategy Analytics claims, with company estimates showing that Apple is holding back in a declining market despite showing minimal growth in its latest results.

Estimates from Strategy Analytics for the third quarter of 2018 claim there are 360 ​​million shipments of smart phones globally, a figure that fell 8.4 percent year-on-year from 393.1 million in Q3 2017. This figure is a continuation of the ongoing slump market, with this quarter the fourth consecutive decline period.

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“The smartphone industry is struggling to achieve the conditions by reducing operator subsidies, longer replacement rates, stockpiling in some areas, and the lack of attractive hardware design innovations,” claims company director Linda Sui.

In Apple’s case, it shipped 46.9 million units in the third quarter, a marginal increase of 46.7 million in the same period last year, and represented a year-on-year increase of 0.4 percent.

The push for higher average selling prices (ASP) is expected to be one reason for the lack of growth, according to co-director Woody Oh. “The new iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max ranks in health demand,” admitted Oh, “but Apple’s relentless focus on price increases limits the growth of its overall volume.”

On the list of smartphone vendors, Apple was in third place after being in second place last year, with Huawei growing 32.5 percent to 51.8 million shipments in the period and gaining 14.4 percent of the market, compared with 13 percent of Apple. Although it does not have a real presence in the North American market, it is noted that Huawei is very popular in most other parts of the world, “especially Asia and Europe.”

Samsung ranked top with 72.3 million units shipped, 13.3 percent year-on-year decline, but still allowed to hold 20.1 percent market share. “Samsung lost land to Huawei, Xiaomi, and other Chinese rivals in the Chinese and Indian markets,” executive director Neil Mawson said, adding “Samsung must solve China and India problems before it’s too late.”

Following behind Apple on the list was Xiaomi with 33 million units, up 19.1 percent last year and increasing its market share to 9.2 percent, and 31.2 million units of Oppo, down 0.6 percent but increasing market share to 8 , 7 percent.

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