Smartphone Made In Usa, The era of foldable smartphones is finally here – and the impact will be enormous

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Smartphone Made In Usa – Moving now, the future has arrived. After about a decade of waiting, years of hope, and some rumored false starts, the foldable smartphone era officially began this month with the announcement of not one, but two different attempts to bring devices that could be bent and folded to the market.

To be fair, it won’t really be until around 2019 when we can see, hold and buy the product. However, the introduction of screen-based devices Samsung Flex Flex and Royole FlexPai makes it clear that long ago dreaming of an idea for a pocket-sized smartphone that can fit into larger devices, such as tablets, finally arrived.

Smartphone Made In Usa

The appeal of such devices is obvious, and I’m sure the impact – at least, ultimately – will be extraordinary. Just as it is difficult to remember a world where cellphones only make phone calls, so too will there be times when it will be difficult to imagine a world that does not have a computing device that can be folded and connected that fits our pockets.

At the same time, although it’s easy to look back on the first iPhone and see its obvious flaws, so the limits of first generation folding devices come true from time to time. That is the nature of technological development. To be clear, however, I am sure that 2019 will be remembered as the beginning of a foldable era.

One of the main reasons is the folding screen technology enables the continuation of the most important development in the evolution of smartphones: a larger screen. Since the early days of 3.5 “displays up to size 6” are common today, an insatiable desire for screen real estate has driven a progressive smartphone design.

Now that we have reached (some may even argue, beyond) the largest screen size that people can comfortably hold in one hand, and basically reduce the bezels around the screen, there is really no other place in traditional cellphone design. They are big and the screen is dominated because they might be able.

Don’t forget that cell phone manufacturers are pushing this trend to a larger size – people are choosing their dollars for larger screens. Most market research firms now estimate 5 “and larger displays will dominate the worldwide mobile market by the end of 2019, and in markets such as the US, the average screen size is already higher.

Interest in larger screen sizes directly correlates with dramatic improvements in software and services that better improve a larger display, such as video streaming services, and overall smartphone usage rates. Right or wrong, basically we now use our smartphones all the time in almost all aspects of our lives, from entertainment to communication to work productivity and so on. Therefore, it seems clear that devices that can enhance our experience with all of these applications and services through larger screens will become very popular.

That is, as long as they can overcome certain basic requirements. No one will use a folding smart phone that cannot last a day with a battery, is too fat to fit into a pocket or cannot be operated reliably. That is the basic table bet that every new smartphone offer that can be folded must be offered. Pricing will be an initial challenge too, because the cost of producing displays that can be folded in large quantities is likely to make them very expensive in their first iteration.

However, many challenges can be met, but I am not worried that there is also a special “killer” application specifically for mobile phones that can be folded to make it successful. Playing games, watching videos, surfing the web, viewing maps, and all the other things we are currently doing with our smartphone today will only be a much better experience on a bigger screen. In addition, the “wow” factor for opening your cellphone to a bigger screen will eventually bring excitement and interest back to the smartphone market that becomes very boring (and, not by accident, has stopped developing).

As with major technology transitions, the move to a folding screen-based device is bound to deal with some expected and unexpected hiccups along the way. In essence, however, a foldable era will bring exciting, interesting and interesting new ways to interact with the digital world around us. This is the future that I’ve been waiting for.

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