Smartphone Laser Tag, Nerf’s new laser tag guns hook up to your smartphone

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Smartphone Laser Tag – If the only thing missing from your summer is the ability to play laser tags at home without a vest, Hasbro has kept you closed. Today, the company announces the Nerf Laser Ops Pro blaster line, which fires IR bursts and allows you to track ammunition, health and how your team performs directly from the device. Batteries, of course, are not included.

Each blaster is equipped with an armband that can hold the smartphone, which indicates that this product is not intended for children. By using the application, players can adjust nerf Blaster, track performance, access real-time battle statistics, gain strength and find opponents.

Smartphone Laser Tag

But there’s more! If your friends are too busy to come to play, the Alphapoint blaster version lets you play in solo mode using the application. All you have to do is use a solo attachment, which is equipped with an Alphapoint blaster.

There will be two types of blasters available. The Deltaburst Pro model activates three-shot AR blasts with the included LCD screen to track how you do it. This costs $ 50. The Alphapoint Pro version is $ 30 for one or $ 45 for two packs of blasters.

It does not have a fancy LCD screen, but will light up and play sound when you are hit; they also have status indicators and ammunition on the blaster. Laser Blades Pro Ops will be available starting August 2018 at most retailers and

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