Smartphone Heads Up Display, FOLD ON A MINUTE Samsung foldable smartphone REVEALED – but when does it release, and what’s the price?

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Smartphone Heads Up Display – SAMSUNG has officially launched its prototype folding smartphone. Apple’s rivals have worked on gadgets for years, but it was made official at the Samsung Developer Conference this week. This handset should bridge the gap between smartphones and tablets, and can revolutionize cellphone design forever.

This technology is described as Infinity Flex Display – in the form of tablets that pack into the size of a smartphone. It has a large 7.3-inch screen (as reported) that is almost an inch bigger than the most heavy Apple handset, the iPhone XS Max.

Smartphone Heads Up Display

And up to three separate applications will be able to run simultaneously.

The disclosure came along with a separate announcement about cellphones that Google could fold at the Android Developer Summit.

Google officially announced support for the Android handset category which was described as “foldable”.

Dave Burke, who heads engineering at Google, said the company would “improve Android to take advantage of this new form factor with the little work needed”.

Unfortunately there is no confirmation of the actual release date for the phone.

Earlier this year, a report by ETNews Korea suggested that production for Galaxy X smartphones would not begin until November.

And Samsung seems to confirm this, saying it will start mass production “in the coming months”.

This means it is very unlikely that the device will arrive at the store before Christmas.

Most likely we will see available handsets as early as 2019.

The potential launch for this device is Mobile World Congress, Barcelona’s annual technology exhibition where Samsung is a regular participant.

This event takes place at the end of February 2019.

It’s also not clear how much it costs, but almost certainly will be expensive.

We recently spoke with industry expert Dan Ives, from Wedbush Securities, who said that Samsung’s folding handset could cost a lot more than the £ 899 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – currently Samsung’s priciest model.

“Given the truly innovative design and significant R & D behind it, we believe the price points of $ 1,200- $ 1,350 are what we expect when they finally reach the market,” Ives told The Sun.

Cellphone makers usually use identical or almost identical numbers (not direct currency conversion) for US versus UK prices.

So if a cellphone sells for $ 1,350 in the US, you would expect UK prices to fall somewhere between £ 1,250 and £ 1,350.

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