Smartphone Gun For Sale, Outrage as gun disguised as smartphone goes on sale – and it’s CHEAPER than an iPhone

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Smartphone Gun For Sale – Firearms have received universal criticism from campaigners, indicating the danger of weapons being misinterpreted as telephones. And others believe it could lead to the wrong shooting of a suspect who actually has a smartphone in their hands.

But the highly controversial weapon is still being sold. The gun, which is capable of holding two rounds of ammunition 0.380, is the idea of ​​a company based in Minnesota, Ideal Conceal. Video footage shows how firearms can be folded perfectly to fit in a pocket, similar to a cellphone.

Smartphone Gun For Sale

A holster and laser pointer for a gun similar to a telephone box are also available and that does not limit the ability to activate and fire weapons.

“Most research shows that when two shots have been fired by someone or walking,” said Real Conceal CEO Kirk Kjellberg.

“I thought a lot of people came out and they got permission to take it and then they tried to take it and they learned that it wasn’t that simple or someone saw them carrying it and they stopped.

“So with this, it doesn’t print in your pocket. That’s square. Looks exactly like a cellphone.

“We just put it on a table in a restaurant while eating whole and no one including the waiting staff even saw it.

“The shape of a smartphone is not a big problem for most people.”

The weapon has caused a huge uproar among anti-rifle activists.

Jaclyn Corrin, who survived mass shootings in Parkland, Florida, tweeted in February that the product would cause police to target people.

He wrote: “Even more people will be targeted by law enforcement because they ‘see’ as if they carry weapons, especially POC.”

The National Rifle Association supports, promoting smartphone-gun as a “superior product” in the annual Pow-wow in May.

This labeled weapons as “a good choice for self-defense along with maximum concealment”.

Many states in the US do not allow carrying hidden weapons for anyone without special permission that can be very difficult to obtain.

Designing weapons to look like everyday objects will provide several opportunities to get around these laws.

It costs $ 500 (£ 380), more than half the price of the iPhone 10.

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