Smartphone Gps Tracking, Tips on How to Track Your Lost Mobile Phone Using GPS

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Smartphone Gps Tracking – That happened. Your worst nightmare has paid off – you lost your cellphone. Quiet; no need to panic. Fortunately, you have the options available to find them before they are lost forever. We’re not talking about hiring a private detective or a box of sniffer dogs to find your device. If you have an Android smart phone or an Apple device, there is tracking software available that hunts down the location of your smartphone, and that’s quite accurate.

Miracles occur through the Global Positioning System, (GPS.) This network involves thousands of satellites that surround the earth. They deliver data between points that allow you to accurately track the position of your smartphone anywhere on the planet.

Smartphone Gps Tracking

Here are some methods and tips on how to track your lost cellphone. Give them a try if you don’t know where you left it, you might be surprised by the results.

Find My Devices with Google Maps
This method works well for anyone who loses their Android device. Log in to your Google account using the account registered on your lost cellphone. Tap the three horizontal bar icon on the right side of the screen. When the directory opens, click the “Your Timeline” option.

Enter today’s date, and Google will open their map application. This map displays the history of your device’s location for that day. This information includes all the places you visit and the route you take to get there. The last known location will give you an idea of ​​where you might lose your cellphone.

Android has other options if you have the desire to install the application before the phone is lost. Visit the Play Store and download the “Find My Devices” application. Install on your smartphone before an emergency like that.

When you lose your cellphone, open your Google account on a device that supports the internet and type “Find my device,” into the search box. This application opens on your screen and gives you data maps and your location history.

You also have the option to call your device, delete data, lock the device, and offer gifts or messages on your home screen. If you feel lost in your home, choose a call option, and Google will call your cellphone. If your device is in silent mode, Google overrides the function, and you will hear the ring of your phone.

Find My iPhone with Apple
Apple offers similar services. Enter your iCloud account, enter your settings and select the “Find My iPhone” option. The system runs checks and gives you options similar to those displayed by the Android system.

You can delete your device remotely, ring your cellphone or lock it. If you have another Apple device set up in the family network, the system will automatically ask if you want to find another device. This option is a useful feature to find your child’s missing device.

Install the Third Party Tracking Application
The most effective way to find your lost cellphone is to download third-party applications such as the Handy Orten application. Unfortunately, this idea will not help you if you have lost your device before reading this article. You must visit the Play Store or the Apple App Store and download a third-party tracking application before you lose your cellphone.

When your smartphone is lost, log in to the application via another mobile device. This application displays real-time data at the location of your device. Some people might think that this doesn’t have any additional features for Android or Apple services.

However, third-party applications offer many functions that go beyond and exceed your device. Use a private network to check the location of all your other family members, regardless of whether they use an Android or Apple device. This application lets you monitor driver behavior, check their status, receive notification of arrivals, and even read other people’s texts and emails on your network.

Final Thought – Get a Special Solution
Unfortunately, you need carefulness to protect yourself before this situation occurs. Sooner or later you might end up losing or misplacing your device. Get ready for the day and install third-party tracking software, you will be grateful that you did that day missing.

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