Smartphone Emergency Florence Sc, ‘Panic Button’ on smartphone alerts first responders of emergency in seconds

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Smartphone Emergency Florence Sc – The Newberry County School District has a new panic application that is activated for faculty and staff as a way to request instant help. This application is called the Panic Rave Button, and serves as a way to reduce emergency personnel response times in Newberry County. All full-time employees – including administrators, teachers and even catering staff have downloaded the application to their smartphones.

“Having the ability to get that notice, we believe that we save from three to four minutes from the notice to the first respondent,” said Deputy Chief Todd Johnson with the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office. If a crisis occurs on the spot, organizational members can activate the Panic Rave Button application system by pressing one of the five types of emergency buttons.

Smartphone Emergency Florence Sc

After activation, the user’s phone will immediately call 911 and at the same time, the set notification is sent to all necessary personnel including staff and security.

“It’s amazing to know that we will have other ways of communicating in our school, and that gives another big security barrier for all our staff and administration,” said Joey Haney, Assistant Operations Superintendent for the Newberry District School District.

The Panic Button application was installed on all telephone school district administrators last year and is now being installed on all teachers and other full-time staff staff members in all districts. The first administrators and public security officials have praised the technology.

“This is a tremendous resource for schools, public security, and people in Newberry County,” said Sheriff Lee Foster. “Many other schools, hospitals and public safety agencies are starting to explore this technology but we stand proudly to say that Newberry County is the first institution in South Carolina to implement what we believe will make our children safer and provide feedback much faster. going to school and hospital must be an emergency. ”

Not only does the application reduce response time, it also tells the first respondent key information, such as where and when the alarm is turned off, which sets the alarm, along with the floor plan layout for each school.

This application works through geofence to ping where you are.

“There are 13 campuses spread over 620 miles above the county,” Johnson said.

So having this application will help determine where the emergency is.

“In the active shooter world they train us that every 30 seconds a shooter has access to a victim, someone dies,” Johnson said. “In our world, we save 6 to 8 lives in our response to campuses when the notification comes out.”

Another nice function of this application is that it can run both WI-FI and cellphone signals. Every school in Newberry County has WI-FI on all campuses, so the application will function if they have a telephone signal or not.

“Working in the school district itself but also having two children who attend school here in the school district, having this application, as a mother makes me feel more comfortable.” Katie Nichols, a Newberry County teacher said. “I know my children are safe. I know that Newberry county has taken every step they need to take to ensure that not only my children, but all the children here in the Newberry area are protected.”

This application requires money. It costs around $ 10,000 per year and it is shared between four institutions in the county – the sheriff’s office, the school district, Newberry County Public Safety, and Newberry County Memorial Hospital. Each group pays around $ 2,500 a year.

Sheriff Foster said that Newberry County was the first district in the country to form partnerships including school districts, hospitals and public safety officials.

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