Smartphone Attachable Lens, SmartCine Rig Adds Ring Light, Stereo Mic and Lenses to Smartphones

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Smartphone Attachable Lens – SmartCine is an all-in-one rig for smartphones, which is equipped with handles, ring lights, lens attachments and sound recording solutions. Currently crowdfunded by the collaboration of Sevenoak and MOVO Photo, another crowdfunded smartphone rig maker, aimed at photography. The SmartCine is currently at more than 400% of the original funding destination. This is what can be done.

We recently wrote about Pictar Pro, which focuses on making the experience of shooting with your smartphone camera more professional. The SmartCine rig aims to do the same thing, in a way that seems a bit more involved. The mainstay rig is a smart phone holder with an attached lens attachment, which can be aligned to fit most of any smartphone. You only loosen a few thumb screws and then line up to open the lens on the camera of your smartphone. This will not block the lens of the smartphone, so you do not need to use an accessory lens.

Smartphone Attachable Lens

Lens and Rigging

The SmartCine rig comes with two lenses, which can be screwed into the lens attachment, wide angle at 0.65x and fisheye 180 °. Around the lens, there is an LED ring light, which has 3 levels and consists of 36 LEDs that light up during the day. Depending on the level, the ring light will run between 1 and 4 hours on the internal battery, which can be recharged through MicroUSB.

The SmartCine rig has a 1/4 20 -20 attachment at the bottom, which can be used to attach it to a tripod, or a rubber handle that is included with the rig. The handle has a 1/4 20 -20 hole itself and a bracelet that can be installed.

Better Sound Wired or Wireless
The SmartCine rig can be supported in two versions. There is a Stereo SmartCine, with an built-in omnidirectional condenser stereo microphone on top of the rig. This microphone seems to improve sound quality significantly. It has a 90 ° pickup pattern and switch, for low-cut filters, as well as boost + 10dB. This device is equipped with all the adapters and cables needed to connect your smartphone to a stereo microphone, which will run for about 50 hours on the internal battery.

SmartCine Wireless on the other hand, has a 2.4GHz wireless receiver instead of a stereo mic. It is also equipped with a transmitter with a belt clip and lavalier microphone. The transmitter must be supported by an AA size battery. This will have a 50ft range. / 15m, low distortion at 0.1% or less and a good signal to noise ratio of at least 76dB.

What is SmartCine and not
Even though the Kickstarter page claims it, SmartCine won’t stabilize your recordings. It has a static grip attached to it and that is rather short on it.
Also the SmartCine handle has no way to tilt the device. This is in line with the fact that the ring lights remain on the main camera of the device, making the SmartCine rig rather heavy for vlog style recording: either you will be turned on well, but cannot monitor yourself, and must hold the grip at a strange angle, or you can forget about lighting and use a secondary camera, so that it makes the rig rather worn out. Maybe the solution with light that can be turned towards the shooter will be more in line with the way this device is used.

The SmartCine is certainly based on an interesting concept, although it may not be a perfect realization of the concept. However, improvements in the sound field, combined with a rather low price, might make it attractive as a backup device in your bag, when all else fails. Now available on Kickstarter.

what do you think? Are you interested in the SmartCine rig and will you support it on Kickstarter? How will you use it? Let us know in the comments!

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