Smartphone 360 Virtual Reality Headset, All You Need to Know About the Utopia 360 VR Headset

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Smartphone 360 Virtual Reality Headset – VR world is progressing. Many large companies like Google and Microsoft have designed their own headsets and VR controllers. Having a VR headset helps you feel as if you are in a game. However, there are also some low-quality VR headsets. Before you decide to buy it, you must check in-depth reviews.

In this article, we will show you all the important things you need to know about Utopia 360 VR. However, if you want to learn about its performance, you can read more about this device at Top Best VR. There you will find an in-depth review of this VR headset, which will help you decide whether this is the right device for your needs. Now let’s see what this headset really is.

Smartphone 360 Virtual Reality Headset

General information
Currently, there are many types of VR headsets. Some of them work on PlayStation or Xbox, while others need a PC or smartphone. Utopia 360 VR sends you to a different world with the help of your phone. Unlike VR headsets for PlayStation, this type of device is cheaper because you already have a phone.

However, the Utopia 360 headset has several problems in terms of the size of the cellphone needed. The manufacturer does not specify which cellphone fits the headset. This is why it’s better to test it in the store before you decide to buy it.

As mentioned earlier, this is a smart phone based VR headset. Resolution depends on the resolution of your phone. The better the smartphone the greater the resolution. One of the best things about this device is that it offers a 360 degree field of view. Considering the price, this is a good specification.

It comes with a Bluetooth controller which is very useful when you play certain action games. In addition, VR headsets have an Android platform. This means that it works better with Android smartphones compared to those who have iOS.

Design and Requirements
One of the cons is the fact that the manufacturer is not clear about the requirements. Regardless of the requirements of the Android platform, new users do not know exactly what cellphone fits in the front dock. For example, users of the Galaxy Note 4 mentioned that they had difficulty installing their cellphones at first. After a while, it starts to become easier. This can be seen as a manufacturing defect because it means that the dock is loosening.

When it comes to design, this VR headset has the usual, which seems pretty basic. However, this makes it easier to control by new users. The Bluetooth controller, however, has an attractive design. Some users compare it to Sega Genesis controllers.

Preparing a Headset
Like most smartphone based headsets, this is a simple device for settings. All you have to do is put the mobile device into the dock and connect it. However, it is important to install the applications and games that you want to see before putting your cellphone on the dock. This is because it’s difficult and not fun to see applications and games when you use a headset.

Even though this may seem annoying, this is the setup process for most of these smart phone based headsets. If you are a new user, you might want to start with several applications instead of going directly to the game. This way, you can get used to the headset and the VR world faster and more comfortably.

Also, when you choose a VR application, not a game, it helps you calibrate the image better. However, you need to find applications that work on this device. Utopia 360 does not support several newer applications. In addition, don’t go for Google Cardboard animations because it’s not good for setting up Utopia devices.

Most people say that these glasses have a fast setting process. This means you don’t need to spend a lot of time finding out how the device works. It is important to get all the games and applications that you want to try on your smartphone before you set up the headset.

Although it may not be the best headset, Utopia 360 does a great job for the price. It comes with a 360 degree view field and supports many applications and games. The controller is easy to use, especially if you use the previous Sega controller. If you want a more sophisticated device for VR, you can see HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. However, consider prices and features before you choose a VR headset.

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