Smart Watch Helper Connection Methods And How To Connect It


The smart watch helper is designed to connect users with their smartphones, extending the use of the smartphone to the smart watch. For those who are into technology so much, this idea may seem appealing – but those who aren’t may not find the watch to be useful. Moreover, if you have limited budgets, you may find the smart to be useless – in terms that you won’t be spending extra to buy something that you can’t afford. But then again, every innovation or invention has its own function and use, so it doesn’t hurt to see the greater benefits of the watch, anyway.

The Function of the Smart

Smart Watch Helper

Smart Watch Helper

So, what is the use of the smart watch helper, anyway? As it was mentioned before, the smart watch is acting as the extension of the smartphone. When you connect your phone with your watch, you can easily keep the phone inside your pocket or bag. Whenever you want to access the content, you don’t have to take out the phone. Simply access your watch and you are good to go. Quite efficient, eh? Feel free to get SMS notices or accept calls without fuss or hassle. You only need to have the Bluetooth connection to activate the device.

Connecting the Watch with the Phone

Connecting the Watch with the Phone

Connecting the Watch with the Phone

The smart watch helper will achieve its potential use when it is connected to the smartphone. But of course, you need to figure out how to connect the app and the device. So, how do you manage everything?

  • You need to download the app. Once you click on the icon, you need to scan the interface code too so you can download the app.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed the app, wait until the process completes. Click on it to launch the app.
  • When you have entered the app, you should see an option ‘Allow’ so you can turn the Bluetooth on. This is crucial when you want to connect the phone with the watch.
  • On the smart watch, access Settings, and then choose Connect and then Bluetooth. Make it visible.
  • Then, on your smartphone, go to Settings and find the name of the smart watch Bluetooth. When doing this, don’t forget to turn on the watch. The Bluetooth should be activated. The phone and the watch should be within the 4 meters distance, or 13 feet.
  • When both of the Bluetooth has been paired and connected, enter the program and choose Select Device. You can then sync the data from the smartphone and the watch. All of the data, such as music, messages, contacts, camera, and others, can be synced together.

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Be sure that the requirements for the system are compatible with each other. Basically, the watch itself supports 4.0 Bluetooth and it is compatible with iOS 7.0 or Android 4.3. Other above system is also compatible. As long as you pay a detailed attention to the proper installation instruction, you shouldn’t worry about a thing. If you think that smart watch helper has a certain benefit or function for you, feel free to buy one.


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Connecting the Watch with the PhoneSmart Watch Helper