Top 5 Smart House Ideas and Examples


There are some smart house ideas that can be functional when you want to improve the functional of the house. Some people may be clueless of what to do when they want to start building the future house. But there are some basic ideas that they can consider when they want to start the project. Of course, there are some controversies about the house itself but then again, you need to see the functional aspect of the project. So, how should you start with it?

The Controversial Aspect

Not everyone will be ecstatic or thrilled with the smart house ideas – mostly think of it as a waste of money. Some of the traditional and old-school people don’t see the advantage of turning to sophisticated devices. Some don’t see the use of having voice activated system to turn on lamps or TV.

Smart House Ideas

Smart House Ideas

Those who have seen the benefits are able to express their satisfaction and experience in relation to the smart home transformation. It is not only about making your house look cooler and more futuristic – it is about gaining the best efficiency. It is about helping the homeowners to achieve a better result in managing their daily tasks as well as helping them to make the job easier. For instance, homeowners in the past had to be at home and turned on the sprinkler to water the garden. Now, homeowners don’t have to be at home to activate the sprinkler. They only need to press a button on their smartphone to turn on and off the system. It helps the job easier – and it eliminates the need of physical presence.

Of course, you don’t need to deal with cold or bland house when you want to include the sophisticated system inside the house. You can actually create a homey, interesting, innovative, comfortable, and also beautiful house – with the advanced technologies included.

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The Included Systems

Within the smart house ideas, there are some familiar technologies (and they are pretty popular too) that you can include in your house. Amazon Alexa, for example, is one of the most popular options among homeowners who want to transform their regular house into an advanced smart home. The wireless Amazon Echo speaker was first launched in 2014 and it has gained quite a positive popularity. Alexa is the voice activation program found within the Echo. It is also available with other gadgets, such as Amazon Tap or Echo Dot, and also Amazon Fire TV. This system can be used to integrate various systems, including activating the lights or the heater. The recent update even includes an order takeout.

Another example is the Nanoleaf Aurora which is basically the LED modular panel lighting. It can be connected with various lighting systems. The kit itself has its own panels to be connected with different forms to create different designs. You may not think that lighting system can be all fun and interesting but with this system, such a thing is possible. Basically, there are various possibilities for the smart house ideas as long as you are able to have an open mind.


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Smart House Ideas