5 Smart Homes Technology of the Future Examples for Better Usages


The idea of having smart homes technology of the future seems to be super futuristic – something you see only on TV shows and movies. But then again, we live in the modern era where technology plays an important role. To say that we haven’t reached a certain accomplishment is an understatement because there are some technologies that have been dedicated for the smart home. So, what are they? How can homeowners take advantage from the technology?

The Recent Development

You probably think that all of the things you see in the movies can’t be made true or real. But you know what? Some of those things may inspire our future technology that we use in our daily lives. Nowadays, having automatic lights or thermostat is possible – in fact, some of the technologies have been used and implemented in our daily lives.

smart homes technology of the future

smart homes technology of the future

Do you know that some houses have implemented their own automatic robots? Don’t think of it as the android human look-alike as in Star Trek. In the residential settings, the robots are more likely coming in the form of Neato or iRobot which is designed to clean the floor. And they aren’t 100% autonomous robot, really. You need to switch it on first and then they will explore the room, sensing walls or other obstructions with their sensors. For a simplified version of a robotic cleaner, this one is pretty helpful because it can truly clean floors.

An important further step in smart homes technology of the future has been done by German scientists with a robot cleaner prototype. This robot comes with one arm and 3 fingers that can be used to tidy up, operate machines, pick up stuff, and serve drinks. It has a sensor that will prevent it from clamping or touching the human arm. Sounds super sophisticated, right? That’s the achievement we have today but it shouldn’t be surprising to see a further development in the near future.

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Further Ideas

If we already have the technologies for smart watches or smartphones, then why not the smart appliances? Smart appliances are basically implemented on everything around the house – in relation to the smart home concept. Imagine being able to enjoy a hot cup of Joe without you having to make one yourself. Imagine being able to have a system where the coffee machine is connected to your alarm clock – when the clock is activated to wake you up, the coffee machine is automatically activated to make the coffee. All of these smart homes technology of the future are possible for making our lives easier and simpler.

smart homes technology reviews

smart homes technology reviews

The smart appliances concept has been implemented, mostly with the help of the smartphone. Most of the systems around the house have been connected to the smartphone, allowing the homeowners to activate, monitor, and observe everything through their mobile devices. It is possible that the operation in the near future is more complex and sophisticated. Who knows? With the growing technology and the new innovations we have today, it is super possible that we may enjoy the advanced smart homes technology of the future like in movies.




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