Smart Homes Of The Future Situation and Examples


Not everyone understands the concept of smart homes of the future – thinking that the idea is impossible to implement and it is likely to cost homeowners a fortune. In reality, though, we have entered the era where technology will be the major drive of everything. Aside from the fact that it develops and grows, there is also a possibility that it will be the reason of drastic transformation.

The Current Situation

Smart Homes Of The Future Situation

Smart Homes Of The Future Situation

The idea of having an automatic thermostat or lighting system that can be activated with the clap of the hand seemed to be impossible several years – even decades – ago. But look at what we have today – a security camera or system that can be controlled through the smartphone or the automatic thermostat that can adjust itself with the surrounding temperature-sensitive sensor. The 2017 had marked a great pace in the industry where the development of AI is growing too. After all, the technology plays a crucial role in such a development. Without it, the concept of smart homes of the future won’t exist either. It is believed that 2018 onward will be the witness of further achievement in the industry and the technology sector.

Some Examples

There are several examples of how the implementation of smart systems around the house is possible.  For a starter, a closed network is made possible, focusing on the privacy concern and sector. A closed network is useful when you want to create a private connection for your smart home. Not only it is good for the technology, you can also focus on your internal network for your connection. The example of smart homes of the future isn’t only limited to the enclosed network but also on the automatic lighting, thermostat, security camera, surveillance system, and such thing alike.

The Impacts

Despite the many benefits of the smart home automation, there are several things to consider, especially from the security matter. For instance, the privacy and security crisis is possible – and there is a tendency that such security concern will increase. The home technology will increase the physical footprint, which can increase the possibility of a compromised system. This is one of the reasons why privacy and also security will be the fundamental and basic concern in the industry.

Smart Homes Of The Future Situation

Smart Homes Of The Future Situation

Not to mention that smart home integrated devices will affect the quality of the smart home quality – whether it will break or make the system. It depends on the AI technology. When you choose a good system, you may create a successful outcome. But when you fail to address a good system, you won’t be able to increase your comfort or even the functionality of such a system. Don’t forget that the existence of the good AI system won’t change your quality as an individual. If you are a forgetful person, then installing the smart home won’t make you a person that will remember everything.

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In the end, you need to remember that the automatic system won’t change who you are. With the proper integration of the system and with the right implementation, the smart homes of the future should be able to improve your quality of lives.



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Smart Homes Of The Future SituationSmart Homes Of The Future Situation