Safelink Wireless Smartphones, Free Nexus 5 smartphones with reduced payments for low-income/homeless people help

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Safelink Wireless Smartphones – Many states through the federal Lifeline program give low-income families mobile phones free with many minutes and texts. There is a new program, Mobile4All that helps homeless people and low-income people in Santa Clara County get a free Nexus 5 smartphone with a reduced rate through a program developed by the Community Technology Alliance (CTA).

Mobile4All is available in partnership with Better World Wireless for “case-managed clients” who have been under case management for at least two months. Clients get a new Nexus 5 smartphone and can choose from $ 30 per month for unlimited voice / text and .5GB date or $ 40 for 1.5 gigabytes, and unlimited text and talk. The Nexus 5 smartphone has a 4.95 “1920×1080 (445 ppi) touch screen, 2300 mAh battery, and an 8 MP camera that originally sold for $ 349.99 or more.

Safelink Wireless Smartphones

Homeless people with large smartphones can then find work, send email, find a place to live, and use useful smartphone applications.

The CTA highlights the story of a homeless woman Sandra who after attending a job application workshop, received two text messages and two phone calls from employers asking her to interview for a position, using a free telephone through the Lifeline service.

The Community Technology Alliance has two offices in San Jose and Philadelphia. Their aim is to use technology and data for good to help public housing, support services and develop strategies to move families out of poverty.

If you qualify for government subsidized cellphone Lifeline, you may have to show proof of your income. In recent years, services have been expanded to include those who live in boarding houses. Often those who have received social services are entitled to help.

If you do not qualify for the Lifeline program. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile are very competitive. For example with Boost cellular, you can get 2GB of high-speed data for $ 30 per month when registering for Auto Re-Boost, including unlimited voice, unlimited text messages, and unlimited data. You must buy a 4G LTE compatible smartphone. Currently, you can get $ 15 from the Moto G Pre-owned Phone for Limited Time Only at

Virgin Mobile offers unlimited 4G data, and without contracts with a small amount of data at a price of $ 35.00 per month.

Wireless Assurance offers the California FREEdom Plan for 26% of California residents living below the federal poverty line with unlimited voice and free text. Wireless insurance is available in 40 states with a variety of minutes or free text messages. Eligible residents can apply for Wireless Guarantee by calling (toll free) 800-395-2171.

SafeLink Wireless also offers free cell phones for low income families with text and minutes. Qualify for and are currently receiving benefits from public assistance programs (s) identified in the application form, or that they have income at or below the specified eligibility level.

ReachOut Wireless works on discounted data packages with unlimited voice and text. Their Broadband Satellite Path Pilot Project will study the effects of the number of subsidies, limits on use and access to digital literacy in certain areas of Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Nevada, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Jersey. This service includes unlimited voice and text messages and 5GB of data for $ 60- $ 65 per month. Customers may have to pay from $ 60 to $ 129 for smartphones compatible with data.

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