Rent To Own Smartphones Online, Can’t buy an expensive smartphone? Rent it instead

Rent Smartphones Online,Rent To Own Smartphones Online

Rent To Own Smartphones Online – If you are among those who want to buy a new Apple X iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S9 + but lack money, you might be lucky. RentoMojo, a startup that rents furniture, equipment and bicycles, announced on Tuesday that it would offer rental services for high-end mobile phones, making it the first company in India to offer such services.

RentoMojo currently only offers five smartphones – Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and Google Pixel 2 – under the rental-a-premium phone package. The main devices are available on rent for half a year, yearly and two years, starting at $ 2,099 per month up to ₹ 9,299 per month. It also provides an option to own a device after two years of renting.

Rent To Own Smartphones Online

What are the charges?

RentoMojo provides more benefits for consumers when they rent a telephone for a longer time. For example, the rental price of the iPhone X is $ 4,299 per month for 24 months while on a semi-annual basis, it will get you back with $ 9,299 per month.

If you want to have a device after two years of renting, you have to pay an additional $ 15,556 for the iPhone X. This will also charge a refundable initial deposit of $ 9,998.

While the highest rental amount is on the iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 is the cheapest, at $ 2,099 per month for 24 months and $ 5,398 per month for half a year. The initial deposit that can be returned will be $ 5,398. Other leased smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 8, also come with similar offers.

Why do you have to rent

Apart from low monthly fees, renting a telephone is beneficial for people who don’t want full ownership of a smart phone. This is good for those who like to change their cellphones after a year for improved specifications or even the OS.

Keep in mind that the new Google Pixel will be released soon and Android Pie will be available next year on upcoming phones, buying new phones now also makes customers feel disadvantaged. Temporary fixes until the new release are what will suit the most technologically savvy people out there.

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