North Korean Smartphone, Samsung increases on-year share of N. American smartphone market in Q3

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North Korean Smartphone – Samsung Electronics Co. slightly expanded its share in the North American smartphone market in the third quarter despite a decline in overall shipments, a report released by industry tracker Strategy Analytics showed Monday.

The South Korean technology giant controlled 27.8 percent of the market in shipping during the July-September period, up from 25.7 percent last year. The total number of handsets sold, however, fell by 400,000 units from year to 10.3 million, data showed.

North Korean Smartphone

Samsung’s third quarter market share fell from 28.7 percent posted the previous quarter.

Combined smartphone shipments on the North American market during the third quarter reached 37.1 million units, down 11 percent from 41 million units posted in the same period in 2017, the Strategy Analysis data showed.

LG Electronics Inc. increased its share to 18.9 percent this year, up from 17 percent previously, but the volume of shipments dropped 100,000 units to 7 million units, industry trackers said.

Samsung’s smaller rivals, however, managed to maintain growth in terms of quarterly market share. LG took 16.2 percent of the market a quarter before.

US giant Apple Inc., which shipped 13 million units on the market, stands as a leading player with a 35 percent share. Apple expanded sales both in terms of market share and units from last year’s 30.7 percent and 12.8 million units.

“It looks like Samsung doesn’t really benefit from the release of the Galaxy Note 9 (in the North American market),” said industry observer. “LG, on the other hand, maintains growth behind its strategy to focus on the North American and South Korean markets with premium products.”

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