No Contract Smartphones, OnePlus 6T review – A truly sensational smartphone without a sky-high price

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No Contract Smartphones – THE ONEPLUS 6T is the latest smartphone that comes from a Chinese technology company and no doubt this is the best. But can it really take and beat its more expensive flagship rivals? Here’s a complete review of OnePlus 6T

Six months after OnePlus rocked the world of Android smartphones, they did it again with the launch of OnePlus 6T. This device now replaces OnePlus 6 and if you happen to have an older device you have the right to feel a little disappointed.

No Contract Smartphones

This new flagship from Chinese companies is packed with updates that not only make it the best cellphone they have made but can easily become one of the best devices in 2018.

OnePlus 6T officially goes on sale starting November 6, but has been using this flagship for the past few weeks and this is our full review.


OnePlus has the habit of making an excellent display and 6T continues that tradition.

At 6.41 inches this OLED screen is now bigger than its predecessor 6.28 inches but doesn’t think that makes it too big in your pocket and complicated in your hand.

With OnePlus reducing the bezel and making the notch smaller this cellphone gets the perfect balance between size and usability.

The screen itself is packed full of color with content that looks bright, sharp and beautifully clear.

Like most OnePlus devices there is nothing soft about the 6T screen but it’s hard to complain about something that offers a lively experience.

There are also many ways to get the look more to your liking with various settings including Reading and Night Mode.

You still won’t find the option always active but OnePlus continues to offer simple beats to display basic notifications, time and date.

Another feature that enhances things is the smaller teardrop notch that is far less annoying at the top of the screen.

This small black blob made possible by OnePlus includes only one front camera and moves the speaker to the top edge of the phone.

Although this notch has been greatly reduced, if you still really hate it there are some built-in software that hides it completely through black bars that are digitally made.

Besides the glorious screen, the OnePlus 6T design looks very similar to its predecessor.

The curved glass shape factor makes it very comfortable to hold even though the Midnight Black model that we tested felt slippery that made us worry about the high possibility of dropping it.

Another thing you might not like is the missing headphone port that has been removed to make more space inside the cellphone for some additional technology and a larger battery.

OnePlus bundles a 3.5mm adapter in a box but it’s not ideal if you have a pair of expensive cables.

One final change that needs to be mentioned is that there is no rear fingerprint scanner on the device which means that the display is much cleaner for the casing.

With a screen that is fully edge-to-edge and no sign of that important sensor, you might be wondering how you unlocked this cellphone.

That’s the OnePlus smart trick that was added and this new technology means Chinese companies are ahead of rivals such as Samsung and Sony.


No fingerprint scanner seen on 6T with this security feature is now neatly hidden under the OLED screen.

This new technology means you can simply tap the screen to unlock the cellphone.

This is a smart thing with a device that shows you the exact position of the sensor through a blue and green pattern lit on the screen.

We had never been a fan of the back fingerprint scanner and it was very nice to see it back in its place.

However, the OnePlus solution is not completely perfect.

We have a pretty good success rate with this embedded scanner but not as fast as the standard scanner that we use most of the day.

You might also struggle to unlock the 6T if the screen gets wet or the fingers are dirty.

Our overall experience of this new feature has been good but feels the need for some adjustments before we can recommend it wholeheartedly.

Fortunately, OnePlus also includes face recognition which, although not safe, works well and means you don’t have to really experience problems when unlocking this device.


One of the only areas shown by OnePlus is the camera.

There is nothing wrong with this snappers smartphone, but, in the past, they did not have the expertise of their more premium rivals.

6T hopes to fix the camera problem with new features that aim to make your photos look perfect, including artificial intelligence that adjusts settings to match what you take.

Both the front and double rear snapper cameras get software that is enhanced by detection of face and night views.

There is also a new night mode that brightens the image even when the cellphone is shooting in total darkness.

Overall, OnePlus has done a decent job with the camera on the OnePlus 6T and this is of course an improvement on the company’s previous telephone.

However, despite this increase, we are not entirely sure this phone can rival its competitors with some of the images we aim at, but it doesn’t have the blows and clarity you get from the iPhone Xs or P20 Pro.

If you want a primary smartphone camera, OnePlus 6T might not be for you, but that doesn’t mean this phone is bad.

For most people, this camera will offer everything they need especially because it is very easy to use.

Pro Mode also offers many settings for those who like to engage in photography and there are many other features including 4K video recording, super slow motion mode and dual led flash.

With a dual rear camera, you can also add some depth of DSLR style to your photos with a selfie snapper also offering this function.


The OnePlus 6T continues to be powered by a Qualcomm 845 Snapdragon processor and with Android 9 Pie that has been installed before, this device is as slippery as this device.

With 6GB or 8GB of RAM available – and devices that are free of bloatware – it makes the user experience a good, if not better, than many of its Android rivals.

In fact, it makes some of the more expensive competitions feel like they are trudging through treacle.

This device is really fun to use with everything that is asked to be done without stuttering or commotion.

It should be noted that OnePlus does not include expandable memory so make sure you choose the right device for your future needs.

Those who bought 6T also now get a 3,700 mAh battery rather than the 3,300mAh power source that is tucked under the hood of the current OnePlus 6 boat.

This brings users around 20 percent more power and of course means you will get everyday life without needing to charge.

Along with extra battery power, there is also something called Smart Boost that goes into this new cellphone.

Smart Boost increases the app’s cold start speed between 5 and 20 percent and should be a great added bonus for users who like games on their smartphones.

The only thing missing when it comes to power is wireless charging with OnePlus still not bringing this technology to the phone.

Fortunately, Chinese companies still offer quick refill plugs in the box that can add enough juice to use in just 30 minutes.


Without the 64GB version of 6T available, the initial price is not as low as the number of fans who get used to it.

However, at £ 499 this is still a big offer for what comes packaged in it.

Even the top end 256GB model with 8GB of RAM only costs 579 pounds which makes it much cheaper than most of its flagship rivals.

All major operators have also taken 6T which means there is a large choice in the contract.

Prices start at around £ 28 per month which includes 4GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts.


OnePlus has done it again with 6T.

This phone has serious premium features at a price that is very hard to believe.

Plus, it’s now adding some new technology, such as a fingerprint scanner, which you can’t even find on a device that costs almost double.

The design and build quality continues to impress and the larger and smaller screens all add to their appeal.

Greater battery experience and slick users are also other reasons to consider making OnePlus 6T your choice of mobile.

There are several compromises that must be considered such as removing the headphone port and the camera still lacks the highest quality from a premium cellphone.

You also will not find wireless charging or a waterproof rating that is annoying but certainly not a problem solver.

We are always big fans of OnePlus and 6T continues to impress.

This has everything you want from smar people

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