Net 10 Smartphones, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 may be the first major smartphone to support 5G, with slim bezels, camera under display, and more

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Net 10 Smartphones – With Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the launch of Google Pixel 3 now behind us, smartphone space is starting to calm down a little before Christmas. While the new CES after the new year, real smartphone news is waiting for the February Mobile World Congress and – in just four months – it’s time we have some 2019 rumors.

One that gets all the tongue swaying is Samsung’s annual Galaxy S release, and the Galaxy S10 will definitely be a big one for Samsung. The Galaxy S line is what makes the South Korean brand on smartphones, and for the 10th anniversary, they will be big.

Net 10 Smartphones

According to reports from Bloomberg, the Galaxy S10 will be launched with 5G support, several design changes, and a cheaper, cheaper version.

However, before you get too excited about 5G, remember that there is no real 5G consumer network, at least not in Australia. Will be in February / March next year in the air, but it seems impossible for now. However, Samsung seems to be including the “fifth generation wireless chipset” in the Galaxy S10 range, and in the US they are in talks with Verizon to support the 5G operator network.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 2019 will also adopt a fingerprint sensor on the screen, following Huawei’s technology debut this month, and there will also be three superior versions of Samsung, focusing on a more affordable version for mass market appeal.

What’s more the Galaxy S10 feature (or not) remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: we’re only a few months away to find out, and at that time, we will definitely see lots of leaks, rumors and more.

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