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Military Grade Smartphone – Innovative mobile maker Sirin Labs has announced the launch of the so-called “first blockchain smartphone in the world” – and it has the support of the world’s most famous soccer players. Barcelona star Lionel Messi will be involved in the launch of Finney’s cellphone in his role as brand ambassador for Israeli startups, after reportedly seeing “strength” blockchain technology able to bring to the smartphone space.

Finney’s phone follows the Solarin smartphone for $ 16,000, which was launched in 2016 and is aimed at reaching high net worth individuals who want “military-class security.” Named after pioneer Hal Finney cryptocurrency, Sirin Labs devices will come at a much lower price of $ 1,000 – more or less equivalent to other high-end cellphones from Apple and Samsung.

Military Grade Smartphone

“We want this phone to make all the benefits of blockchain technology available to as many viewers as possible, while making cryptocurrency accessible to the mainstream.”

The phone is equipped with an inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet, which can be seen on a hidden screen that slides out from behind the main screen. The launch of Finney’s telephone will take place on Thursday, November 29, in Barcelona.

Sirin Labs announced Lionel Messi as his brand ambassador last December, explaining in his next blog post he acted as more than just a celebrity endorser.

“A brand ambassador is someone who recognizes the importance of a company and agrees to represent the company professionally, educates others about it, and brings awareness to it,” said the post.

“This is the relationship we have with Leo Messi. After a large amount of time discussing various kinds of problems, Messi saw the strength, professionalism and future in Sirin Labs, and for this reason he agreed to represent us to the masses. ”

Given the fact that some celebrity supporters of cryptocurrency-related products have produced fraud, Sirin Labs wants to emphasize that this did not happen to Messi.

“If you have followed Messi’s career at all, you know he didn’t just write his name on anything to make money,” the shipment continued.

“As the Biggest All Time (GOAT) in the most popular sport in the world, you can imagine the kind of inspection process that he and his team must make sure that they will not associate with something criminal, forbidden, or anything that might tarnish the star brand. “

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