Jitterbug Smartphone Accessories, The Unihertz Atom won’t replace your smartphone, but it’s perfect for outdoors

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Jitterbug Smartphone Accessories – Large screen, small bezel, fashionable glass body – these are all characteristics of a smartphone that has moved forward over the past few years. Unihertz Atom is a smart phone that doesn’t have it, which is why you might want to buy it.

Atom by Unihertz was a follow-up to Jelly Phone last year, and its existence was solely thanks to a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Unihertz promises Atom to be an Android phone that is fast, durable, durable and waterproof that can function as the main device for outdoor activities, and in the week that we have spent with mobile phones, this presents.

Jitterbug Smartphone Accessories

Size is the first thing you notice about Atom; as the name implies, it’s small and easy to hold. Even the smallest hand should have no problem holding this cellphone.

If the size is not the first one in your mind, it will become a rough body Atom, which openly looks a little ugly. It is wrapped in TPU-style material that is reminiscent of the rough cases of people like Otterbox. The reinforced corners are made with red accents, which make the phone stand out. Even so, this phone feels like it can fall in a mountain without significant injury.

There is a chunky bezel around the 2.4-inch screen, and the front-facing fingerprint scanner is flanked by two capacitive buttons. The volume rocker is on the left side of the cellphone, along with the SIM card tray; the right side contains the power button, and a programmable push-to-talk (PTT) button, which we will see later. Surprisingly, the USB Type-C charging port is also on the right edge of the cellphone.

The headphone jack is also in the middle of the Atom. Thanks to its small size, you won’t experience any problems accessing any part of the phone, even though you may experience problems when holding the cellphone in your right hand when charging, because the charging port is awkward.

Turn the phone over and look rough. The TPU back panel has a diamond-pattern texture for extra grip, and the lanyard attachment at the bottom under the large Unihertz logo will ensure additional drop protection (no lanyards included). The camera and 16 megapixel flash facing back are at the top of the back, and the only speaker on the phone is at the bottom. The speaker is suitable for calls, but we would not recommend using it for music. You should pair the Atom with a pair of wireless earbuds or Bluetooth speakers.

We are happy to see fingerprint sensors available at Atom, but the placement is strange because the cellphone is very small. Even worse, sensors prove to be unreliable most of the time, because they really need perfect placement from your fingertips. However, when successful, it’s fast.

There is a Face Unlock option available, which actually tends to work more reliably than a fingerprint sensor. However, changes in hairstyles, sunglasses, or lighting can easily be rearranged.

Atom is almost not fashionable, but it’s not really trying to be a substitute for the $ 1,000 iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. This is the cellphone that you take on a weekend event when you are worried about damaging your expensive smartphone. It’s tough and rugged, the manufacturing quality is amazing, and it’s also lightweight at only 108 grams. Water-and dust-proof IP68-value means the Atom can handle some water (up to a depth of 1.5 meters for about 30 minutes) – make sure the port is dry before charging.

Considering Atom has a 2.4-inch LCD screen, you’re right not to expect a super high-resolution screen – it has very little resolution of 432 x 240 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16: 9, producing 207 pixels per inch. This is not a big problem because cellphones will not replace your media center, but it is definitely not sharp. Pixels are easily visible.

We were a little disappointed, however, that the colors were slightly washed out, and blacks did not have a punch. Even worse, the screen isn’t bright enough to see outdoors in broad daylight, which feels like a big mistake. This can be managed, but Unihertz should really ensure a brighter screen is the main feature on Atom.

The screen is protected by an unspecified version of Gorilla Glass, which can still be broken. This phone comes with a film screen protector that has been installed before, to protect from scratches, but does not fit the entire screen, only covers half of the selfie camera. It looks like the same Unihertz screen protector is sold for Jelly Pro.

Even though the screen was disappointing, Atom came back with a solid performance. It is powered by an octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor with 4GB of RAM. There is internal storage of 64 GB, which is pretty much for most people. Even though it uses dual-SIM support, there is no MicroSD card slot, which can be a disappointment for some people.

Here are some benchmark results:

AnTuTu: 84,856
Geekbench 4: Single-core 811; multi-core 3.272
3DMark Sling Shot Extreme: 441

Atom Unihertz defeated Moto G6 midrange with an AnTuTu score with a big difference. The score rivaled Nokia 6.1 in some areas, and approached the Moto G6 Plus – two phones at the same price. However, the benchmark score does not necessarily reflect the performance of the cellphone, so how do phones react in everyday use?

Atom handles most tasks easily, jumps through the navigation menu and opens the application in an instant. While the small screen won’t be your first choice for mobile games, Atom surprised us with solid performance during games like Hearthstone.

Unihertz has chosen the stock version of Android 8.1 Oreo, which is probably why its performance is relatively smooth. This software is easy to use. There are only a few applications installed by default (apart from the standard array of Google applications), such as the walkie-talkie emulation application, Zello. The red push-to-talk physical button will trigger the Zello broadcasting function by default, and you can chat with other Zello users like with a walkie-talkie. Luckily, you can exchange it to launch something else.

Some other pre-installed applications have proved useful, such as Toolbox. It’s packed with a very accurate, level compass, flashlight, and other tools that might be useful in a variety of situations.

Our biggest frustration is with the keyboard. Atom is equipped with the Google Gboard application, which works amazingly on large screen phones. Typing it on a 2.4-inch screen, however, hurts. Using the swipe-to-type Gboard function reduces the problem a little, but we find ourselves avoiding typing whenever possible, and you might also do it.

Unihertz told Digital Trends that the Android P update is in progress, so you can expect Atom to stay up-to-date with the next Android version at least.

There is only one 16-megapixel camera on the back of the Atom, but there is also a 5-megapixel selfie camera on the front.

The right lighting conditions will get decent performance from the main lens on the back. We take some good photos with blue sky and a balanced color palette. In a scenario with high contrast or low lighting, the camera starts struggling – a problem that is bothering almost all budget phones. Also, the photos you take may look better on a small screen than they really are when enlarged on a computer.

The camera’s focus is also unreliable. It struggled to focus correctly several times when we tried to focus on a particular subject, like a rock.

This application is barebone, but that is not necessarily a problem. By holding down the shutter button taking continuous shots, there are options for several filter overlays, and there is an HDR mode – even though you cannot use the filter in HDR mode. Panorama mode is also available, but the results are not good at all.

Atom can take some very good photos, but we really want to see a better camera here, especially because people tend to want to take and share photos of their outdoor experiences. If that is you, then you might still want to bring your ultimate smart phone or DSLR, which will definitely take better photos (although doing so defeats the purpose of using Atom). If you don’t want to take many photos, then the Atom camera is enough.

This tiny atom has a 2,000 mAh battery, which might sound small, but don’t forget the size of this phone. The battery also does not need to turn on a large screen or a powerful processor, which means that Atom is able to offer a two-day battery life.

After removing the Atom from the charger at 8 am, we took it within five hours. During this time, we used GPS navigation, took pictures, and continued to update with various messaging systems, and ended with 54 percent of the remaining battery at 5 pm. After that, we run benchmarks, take pictures of further testing, and test performance games, and the battery finally expires two days after being taken from the charger.

Sitting on the bedside table last night, the phone only lost 2 percent of the battery, which was a good standby time. Charging up to full takes about two hours, which is not too fast.

Atom will be sent with the US and E.U. adapter for the USB Type-C charging cable. Unfortunately, a US adapter will not be included with a cellphone that moves across the pool. When we asked Unihertz about this, the company said that a US adapter would be available from his shop. Very strange they can’t pack it.

Atom does have NFC, which means you can make contactless payments through Google Pay, and a USB Type-C port is On-The-Go (OTG) compatible, so Atom can also transfer battery life to other phones, or pull files from USB sticks when used with the correct adapter. Unihertz also sells accessories to carry with telephones, including mountain bikes, belt clips and armbands.

Atom Unihertz is currently available on Kickstarter. Supporters can buy it at a discounted price of $ 220 until the campaign ends on July 11. After the campaign, Atom will sell for $ 300 on the Unihertz website. Atom is sold open, and works with 4G networks on Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT & T (Sprint support still needs to be confirmed).

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