IoT Smart Home Benefits and Example Products in 2018


IoT smart home is part of the transformation done by the IoT or Internet of Things. It is about the automation of your living space that can improve not only functionality but also comfort. IoT has definitely changed the way we operate things at home, at work, companies, city streets, and so many more. It provides easier and also better control for the appliances, lights, locks, and also security system. Not only it provides greater access, it also makes business operation simpler and smoother along with better system (and also people) connection.

The Convenience

IoT Smart Home

IoT Smart Home

When you want to start with IoT smart home, you should be starting to find products and brands that can meet your requirements and needs, right? One thing to start is about consumer convenience. You see, the right smart home system is the one that makes homeowners’ job easier, not complicated. When you have a certain routine and you want to ease it off, you should look into a system that can help you turn on the lights, unlock the door, help you with the laundry, find the keys, and such thing alike. The right smart home system should be able to ‘learn’ your behavior, understand your preference, and then respond to your needs dynamically. Such a system includes smart locks, smart bike trackers and locks, smart connected kitchen, home retrofit, and such thing alike. Do your research – the options are limitless.

Remotelock Lockstate is one of the providers for smart locks. You can find locks for the door, the bike, or even the video camera. Another one is the U-lock Noke focusing on the remote bike lock so you won’t have to deal with the forgotten combination or remote lock.  Switchmate is a product for home lighting. With a smart home concept, they will be able to provide the best products without hurting your wallet.

Energy Saving System

Don’t forget that with the automation of your home, it will take more energy – which means that it may increase your electricity use. Some products, however, come with resource saving and smart energy. After all, the perfect IoT smart home should be able to help save up energy, right? There are products that will monitor the resource usage by tracking the real time data and then displaying it to the users. They can also help in reducing consumption.

 wireless monitor home energy

wireless monitor home energy

Such thing as smart plugs, WiFi lighting, smart thermostats, wireless monitor home energy, or wireless smart vents can help with your management. Some of the examples include Greeniq Controller, which is the brand for smart garden hub. It helps controlling the garden management through current weather condition or forecasted weather. Another one is the Smart Home Keen Vent that will help with your vent management and maintenance.

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Final Words

In the end, choosing the right technology can be confusing but if you know what you want, it shouldn’t be difficult. Start from the basic essentials and you can never go wrong. If you know what you want and you have made a thorough research, managing the IoT smart home can be easy, fun, and enjoyable.



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wireless monitor home energyIoT Smart Home