Top 5 IoT Project Ideas Examples and How to Achieve the Best Gain


If you are looking for IoT project ideas, there are actually tons of them around. After all, IoT system has reached its own development over the past years allowing itself to expand the functionality to wireless connection, sensors, and automatic activation. The development itself isn’t only happening to the technology sectors but also to residential and office environment. These days, automatic lights at home or automatic coffee machine has become a common thing so it isn’t surprising if people have a deep interest in the development.

Getting the Ideas

IoT control the TV or the AC

IoT control the TV or the AC

With the development of IoT usage and functionality, along with the increasing needs for people to simplify their activities, it is pretty easy to get IoT project ideas from around you. If you develop a keen sense and you are able to see what you need from the automation system, everything would be obvious. For instance, if you always forget your keys, you can build something that will make the searching process easier. Or if you tend to lose the remotes in bed (mostly because of the kids), you can figure out how to still be able to control the TV or the AC or such thing alike. The cool IoT application at home or office should go along with your needs. Otherwise, what good does it make?

Some Exemplary Projects

There are some projects that have been built based on the regular and every-day activities. Some of the IoT project ideas are:

  • Smart Camera. You can use the Raspberry Pi for the smart camera and then connect it to your smartphone. From your mobile device, you can watch and even save the live video from the camera. The installation and setup aren’t too complicated and you can build one yourself. Mind you, though, that you will need a stable internet connection if you want to access the video.
  • Air Pollution Meter. This is an app that can be used to monitor as well as checking the air quality. You can easily use Arduino board and Blynk app. After all, Blynk has been used to control Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and such modules on the net. It will provide the digital dashboard on the smartphone to inform real time readings for the surrounding air quality.
  • Alarm Clock. If you want a clock that can be controlled with your smartphone, having a Raspberry Pi that can be set up based on your needs can be pretty handy. It isn’t just a regular alarm system – it is the advanced version that can make the operation fun. For instance, you can connect the alarm clock to the radio, and you can adjust the radio to different kinds of systems. For instance, you can set up the radio (and the clock) to play on channel A during weekdays and play on channel B during weekends.

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Final Words

As you can see from those examples, the possibilities of creating your own project are limitless. It really depends on your needs and preference and how you want to achieve better result for your activities. Do you think you already have IoT project ideas for your personal needs?



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IoT control the TV or the AC