Hsn Samsung Tablet, 7 Questions For HSN’s Tech (And Culinary) Chief Sandy Conrad

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Hsn Samsung Tablet – Image via i02.hsncdn.com

Hsn Samsung Tablet – Fast, who is the first electronic retailer? If your answer starts with “A” and ends with “.com”, you are wrong. Actually, it was HSN, formerly the Home Shopping Network, which pioneered retail over-the-air with its broadcast debut in 1977. Since then it has grown to $ 4 billion, a three-screen global retailer, with live 24-hour TV broadcasts reaching more than 95 million households, and e-and m-commerce sites that offer more than 50,000 video products.

Meanwhile, the HSN technology business, run by electronics and VP culinary senior Sandy Conrad and promoted by figures in the air, is a Top 30 competitor in TWICE’s Top 100 CE Retailer, and flooded the industry trend by appealing to the majority of female viewers.

Hsn Samsung Tablet

Recently we had the opportunity to ask seven questions to Conrad, who themselves regarded the industry as a senior CE trader in the male-dominated category.

TWO TIMES: What is your background, and how do you achieve HSN?
Conrad: I started in a traditional department store environment; however, early in my career, I turned to direct-to-consumer retail, and haven’t looked back.

Use technology to form more direct relationships with end consumers – and see their immediate response – is contagious.

Apart from HSN, I have worked in great organizations such as AOL, Scripps Networks and retailers directly to other consumers. At that time, each of these cultures was very entrepreneurial, and provided the opportunity to make your own graphics.

I was approached by HSN shortly after Mindy Grossman took the helm, and I soon realized that his vision to change HSN would provide the same entrepreneurial experience that I enjoyed.

TWO TIMES: How is HSN different from rival broadcast retailers?
Technology is a very important category for us at HSN, and as a result, we provide more opportunities for our partners. For example, twice a year we display our Innovation Events, where we display technology for 24 consecutive hours.

This is a complete takeover of our television network, as well as our website. Our viewers see innovative products in depth, and the benefits of these products can bring them to their lives.

TWO TIMES: Who are your main customers?
I like this question, because we provide customers that are unique and very important to our partners – women, 35 to 45, who make or strongly influence purchasing decisions in their households.

We know our partners are challenged to reach this demographic, and our platform provides a direct connection to this very valuable sector.

Our customers are professional women with very busy schedules. He embraces technology, and appreciates the variety of products we share, because he feels we narrow down choices and provide the right choice for him.

TWO TIMES: Describe various technologies.
We display various categories including PCs, TVs, cellular phones, audio, video, home offices and smart homes. New categories such as wearable devices, drones, and even hover boards also play an important role.

We have a reliable portfolio of trusted partners such as HP, Samsung, Bose, Dell, Canon and Amazon.

We focus not on price, but on price / value, and aim to provide a complete solution when our customers open the box.

TWO TIMES: What are the biggest advantages, challenges, and sales through TV?
Our clear advantage is the ability to tell a story and to demonstrate experience. Our partners invest in traditional multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns that create the most awareness. They are happy with our platform because we provide the opportunity to tell the whole story in a conversational, demonstrable and transactional way.

Another benefit of our TV network is the ability to take live TV demonstrations and reuse that content for HSN.com. Content is a new currency in digital, and our ability to create our own content provides our websites and cellular platforms with unique benefits.

As a result, our digital penetration is 50 percent of our total business. The only drawback that comes to mind is the price point. Shipping costs create challenges for lower price point items.

TWO TIMES: What is your top seller for the cycle of new graduates?
We see success in smart homes, wearable devices, imaging, TV, GPS and PCs.

TWO TIMES: What are the most promising products or new categories for Q4?
We hope that the applicable categories will continue to grow, such as streaming multi-space video and audio. Smart homes continue to build momentum, as do drones. And the importance of major drivers such as mobility, TV, and PC cannot be underestimated.

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