Home Automation Project Ideas 2018 for Homeowners


There are actually some home automation project that spark up inspirations for homeowners. The projects are generally designed for engineering students or such professions so they can come up with their own ideas. Of course, homeowners are welcomed to try implementing these ideas if they want to – whether they are having a DIY project or they hire the professional service. In the end, these projects can be quite handy for homeowners because they will get the right information as well as the guidance to try things on their own.

The ideas of having different ideas isn’t about the sophistication of the project, but more to the various alternatives of the systems, devices, circuits, installations, and such thing alike. With these ideas, homeowners are expected to have different options to have the smart home automation – it gives them the chance to include in the project, even only in the planning stage.

The Various Examples

Home Automation Project Ideas

Home Automation Project Ideas

For a starter, you can activate the smart home system with the combination of AVR and DTMF. With the Atmega8 controller and the Dual Tone Modulation Frequency (DTMF), homeowners can create a direct communication between the devices and the controller. However, there is also another DMTF project without using the microcontroller. If you want to learn the differences or you want to find out which one will be perfect for your home, browse around. Ask around from the professional. If you are clueless, it’s better to contact the professional service and discuss the possibility of having the home automation project with or without the controller – it is up to you, really.

There are various DTMF projects to consider about. There is the house monitoring signal controlled system using the DTMF technology and PIC microcontroller. Another one may include Arduino and Sim900 GSM module. Another one can be handy for disabled or physically challenged people, called as the offline speech low cost automation system. Aside from the automation system, it also uses acoustics sound so it should be helpful and handy.

Different Kinds of Projects and Systems

As it was mentioned before, there are so many different systems for different implementation. If you are into Bluetooth so much, there is the Bluetooth based automation. For instance, the 8051 Bluetooth project includes the 8051 microcontroller with Android device set as the main controller. This Android device uses the 8051 to bridge the communication between itself and the appliances. Another home automation project may include the Bluetooth being used to control up to 8 different appliances all together. With PIC microcontroller, the Bluetooth can achieve effective operation and usage.

 8051 Bluetooth project

8051 Bluetooth project

Besides Bluetooth, most engineers would probably think about the Zigbee system. It is pretty flexible because it can be paired with the microcontroller or voice speech recognition system. In some systems, it is possible to combine both the voice and microcontroller, so it is super versatile. If you still don’t like those options, there is the WiFi automation. In some cases, homeowners prefer this one because of the wide coverage. But basically, the home automation project is versatile and free, so any creative engineers should be able to come up with any option covering a wide range of scope.


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8051 Bluetooth projectHome Automation Project Ideas