Home Automation and Security Factors and Elements 2018


When we are talking about home automation and security, we are talking about making things easier by implementing the right technology. It’s not about being cool with all the techs or about having the futuristic experience – it is about improving quality of life as well as comfort. The concept of home automation should help the homeowners instead of burdening them.

Smart Home Concept

Smart Home Concept

Smart Home Concept

When we are talking about the smart home, we often refer it to the futuristic experience of not having to operate things manually. Instead of pressing the lighting switch, we can command it, for instance. Instead of having to water the garden manually, you can simply press a button on your smartphone and voila! Your garden is watered on its own.

Different homeowners have different sectors of usage when it comes to choosing the right system. Some homeowners may drastically change the entire system at their home, provided they have the funds and resources. Some, however, may have limited budgets, so they may do the project in steps and stages. They may focus on electricity first, for example, and when they have enough money, they may proceed to other sectors. Some homeowners may only automate a part of their house and retain the manual system in some areas. Different homeowners have different concepts, ways, and opinions about home automation and security so you should focus on your personal requirements.

The Combination Features

In terms of home automation and security, you can combine the elements that cover basic utilities as well as the security. Smart doorbell, for instance, can cover the doorbell sensor and security camera. The sensor is activated when someone is approaching the door or ringing the bell (depending on which system you choose), and the alert will be sent to your phone through the app. It will automatically activate the camera so you can see who the person is. You probably think, “Why would I need such a device?” but it may surprise you that your safety measurement can improve because of it.

Another popular option is the smart lock, which isn’t only safe but also convenient. In the event that you forget locking the door (or you are in doubt whether you have locked it or not), you can simply activate your app and lock it remotely. Some of the more sophisticated systems even allow you to unlock the door once they detect your approach – and you don’t have to activate anything or touch anything. It’s truly bringing peace in mind because you no longer have to worry whether you have locked the door or not.

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A sure thing about the security measurement is the security camera. Of course, smart camera will elevate the function of the regular camera to a higher level. In the advanced smart camera, the camera will be connected to the WiFi connection so it can be controlled remotely. In most cases, the system can also upload the recording to cloud storage. In the end, you are the ones responsible for your home automation and security so be sure to choose the right system and which system you want to have.



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Smart Home Concept