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Highest Rated Smartphones – We have used the best Android device in 2018 for various tests and can confidently tell you about what the best cellphone sounds, as well as a list of other prominent products with excellent audio. Even though we only highlight one cellphone, some options produce perfect audio for sound and dynamic range. Apart from models that are almost indistinguishable from each other, we will also discuss several other phones that are performing well but not perfect.

What makes something the best cellphone? As the author of our sister site, SoundGuys will tell you, audio is a subjective and objective experience. Although the subjective and experimental part is valid, we are here to highlight a few more scientific bits to help you on your journey.

Highest Rated Smartphones

When looking for a telephone that produces excellent sound quality, there are a number of things that must be considered:

The noise level must be below -96.6dB for CD-quality music.
The dynamic range must be the same at or above 96.6dB.
The frequency response must not deviate from 0dB in any direction, but you will not hear it if it is less than 0.5 dB.
Smart phone speakers suck.
Headphone jack is the only way to ensure high-quality audio.
Only three telephones tested showed an audible error

If you want to see very large color spreadsheets, you will soon find out how most smart phones in 2018 do not show audible flaws. When it comes to finding out which smartphone is better than others for audio quality, only two things separate them: features (such as a headphone jack), and Bluetooth.

We don’t like to embarrass cell phones here, but this is a model that alludes to:

RED Hydrogen One
Huawei P20
Huawei P20 Pro

SoundGuys noted some irregularities with Huawei phones when it came to AAC, but also noted that every Android phone has a fault with a fussy codec. Phones listed here can handle SBC, LDAC, aptX, and aptX HD on-spec. In addition, the errors shown by the cell phone cannot be heard by more than 70 percent of the population, so be sure to soften the anger ahead.

However, RED Hydrogen phones have frequency response errors of more than 7dB, which means you will really hear it affect your music. This is the only “bad” cellphone for audio here.

The test tells a very beautiful story
We were surprised to find that the sound was not really a factor in differentiating cellphones, because most cellphones did a good job with them, however, there were some shortcomings in other areas that were very draining.

Although it is important for smartphone audio to minimize interference, a high dynamic range is equally important. Even though we are accustomed to seeing the acronym “HDR” in photography, the dynamic range of hearing is the ratio of the slowest sound to the loudest sound that the device can produce.

The loudness of the speakers may mostly function to disrupt the nonsense of everyone around you, but sometimes you need a little boom on your cellphone to catch calls or watch YouTube videos with the group. This is purely testing how hard the smartphone speaker is given and does not take into account distortion. We see little difference between our top competitors, with Nokia 7.1 and LG V40 ThinQ leading the package.

The fourth metric brings us back to the basics of audio: frequency response. Although consumer headphones and earbuds tend to change sound with brand-specific “home marks”, if you are looking for accuracy, you want the frequency response of the device as neutral as possible. Even though a lot of straw is made on top-class DAC assemblies from LG V40 and Samsung phones, the truth is that most handsets can decode and issue signals that are quite feasible even for voters who are voters. Only five phones crossed our +/- 0.5dB barrier, three of which are listed above.

This is very relevant, because this applies to phones that sound best. By producing a neutral frequency response, the smartphone minimizes harmonic distortion at the source. Any problem with the ability of the DAC to reproduce accurate and high-speed responses can be strengthened down when you plug in your headphones.

An accurate and neutral frequency response is very important for a telephone that is considered the best telephone.

Most cellphones deviate less than 0.5 dB in any direction, and the score is almost perfect in this case. Every cellphone registered today is basically indistinguishable from other performance, making every smartphone an excellent choice when considering audio quality. Even though we can easily lose the smartphone’s audio performance, the fact is that the smartphone handles audio very well. In general, you will not be able to distinguish between the top 10 smart phones for audio.

However, that brings us to the funny artifact of our judgment: only a telephone with a headphone jack can be at the top of the list. Dongles is a death sentence for our award.

Current state of smart phone audio

Yes, 10 cellphones are a lot of indistinguishable models – this serves as proof of how far the quality of the smart phone audio is present. Now, what makes every cellphone the top competitor is its ability to exceed human hearing.

Human hearing ranges from 20Hz-20kHz – so why do you see the range that surrounds all headphone packs – but this range assumes young age and immaculate ear mechanics. Most of our hearing abilities decline naturally when we hit the early to mid-twenties, which you can test here. If you find that you cannot hear some of these files, try applying filters in your phone’s settings (found on Samsung, LG phones). You might be surprised by the improvement you can get.

What’s more, if you stream via Bluetooth, even the highest quality codecs cannot continue to move by listening to the cable. In fact, LDAC 330kbps shows itself less reliable than SBC, the lowest-common denominator. So, the codec infection command is assumed to have been changed until now. AAC reduces audio quality a little when it is streamed through an Android device, and aptX is what listeners must hold. Even then, however, the cable remains the king of quality.

The LG V40 ThinQ has the best sound quality of any handset in 2018
After subjecting each of the 30 competitors to the battery testing and analyzing data through our internal assessment algorithm, the LG V40 ThinQ narrowly dominated the Asus ROG phone and Samsung Galaxy phones. This cellphone really beats the V40 in some cases, but because many of these measurements are outside the realm of human perception, they don’t give the cell phone an edge with our valuation method. LG V40 ThinQ headphones, Quad DAC headphones, and internal amplifiers are superior combinations that have not been defeated.

This is an internal amplifier that makes the LG V40 ThinQ a special cellphone. Where LG’s V-series has it for a long time now, no other cellphone offers 2V output, which means you can use high-end power-hungry headphones without sweating. Although maybe it’s not the most practical idea to listen to a pair of planar magnetic headphones in the city, the fact is LG V40 ThinQ is the only cellphone that will let you do that. Quad-DAC certainly sounds striking, but the power behind this headphone jack makes LG V40 ThinQ the best cellphone for audio.

Although it’s important to recognize the winner’s weaknesses, we tell our headphones to the LG V40. This – along with Asus ROG Phone, Vivo NEX, and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – beat the smartphone brothers in a dynamic range. In addition, the V40 frequency response deviates only 0.07 dB, beating all other potential choices.

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