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Hearing Aid App For Smartphone – The right hearing aid can have a huge positive impact on the quality of life of users. For many people, these personal devices are very much needed – but supported by the application of appropriate hearing aids, the benefits they offer can be even greater.

Although there are many types of hearing aids that can be connected to the iPhone, there are also many Americans out there who don’t really like Apple’s flagship phones. If you are an Android user, don’t be afraid: for every iPhone hearing aid application, there is a hearing aid application for Android too.

Hearing Aid App For Smartphone

Applications like this can help you measure your daily exposure level, connect your hearing aids to TV, receive remote assistance from hearing care professionals, and more. The name of the game is convenience, and the application of hearing aids for Android promises that.

Find the Hearing Aid Application for Android
There is no real difference between Android and iPhone, as far as hearing aids are concerned, until Apple released Bluetooth technology exclusively for iOS in 2013. Because of this release, the “Made for iPhone” hearing aid can now communicate directly with the iPhone without draining large battery power or need an intermediary streamer to connect.

Unfortunately for Android users, there is no “Made for Android” or other named technology. However, that does not mean it is difficult to find hearing aid applications for Android.

Hearing aid manufacturers realize that Android phones represent a large percentage of the smartphone market in America so it is very common to find hearing aids with hearing aid applications that are suitable for Android.

The Android hearing aid application can allow streaming music and voice calls between smartphones and hearing aids, and some offer additional features such as connecting to a TV.

When searching for hearing aid applications for Android setup you will find one disadvantage however: most currently rely on intermediary streamers to provide full benefits, such as ConnectClip for Oticon Opn devices or Phone Clips + for ReSound hearing aids. This comes at an additional cost of several hundred dollars.

Fortunately, this won’t be a concern any longer. Technology that is equivalent to his iPhone (finally!) Began to be inserted into an Android phone. This means the playing field will soon level once again, allowing Android phones to be connected directly to hearing aids while maintaining full features with minimal power consumption.

So far, Phonak Audeo Marvel has led the pack, using classic Bluetooth technology rather than Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to any telephone; Android, iPhone or others.

The Best Hearing Aid Application for Android
IPhone hearing aid applications can enjoy direct connectivity, but there are hearing aid applications for Android that are both capable of improving a person’s quality of life. Many of these applications are connected to Bluetooth hearing aids, but others communicate with hearing aids through sound or high frequency tones.

Phonak Remote
Average rating: 2.3 / 5 (149 votes)

As far as hearing aid applications for Android go, this is probably one of the most loved because of the fact it operates without an intermediary.

The Phonak Remote application is built specifically for Audeo Marvel and Audeo B-Direct. For all other Phonak hearing aids, there is a Phonak Remote Control application, which has similar features but requires an intermediary (such as ComPilot II or ComPilot Air II) to stream audio from an Android smartphone.

This application has a good demo mode to start, with features including:

Individual volume control for both ears
Direct streaming of music and calls
Direct microphone control
The default program and can be adjusted
While not offering remote assistance from a hearing care professional, you can download the myPhonak application separately to optimize your hearing aid experience and receive remote hearing assistance in real-time.

Starkey TruLink
Average rating: 3/5 (146 ratings)

The Starkey TruLink application is an enhancement to the T2 Remote application, which has very basic volume and memory control functions and uses tones rather than Bluetooth connectivity.

This enhancement comes with a variety of useful tools, including the new TruLink Remote, which allows users to control memory and volume, turn off your hearing aids, and enable or disable other special features. Unfortunately, unlike its iPhone partners, the TruLink application on Android does not allow live streaming. Features include:

Save programs by location (up to 20 programs)
Automatically switches between programs based on geotag location
Control the volume and memory of hearing aids
Look for missing hearing aids
The Starkey TruLink is compatible with many versions of Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and HTC One. It should be noted that Starkey TruLink is not compatible with all Android smartphones, so be sure to check the list before making a decision.

Resound Smart 3D Application
Average rating: 2.6 / 5 (ranking 610)

The ReSound Smart 3D application is designed for LiNX Quattro, LiNX 3D, and 3D ENZO hearing aids, but old channels like LiNX and UpSmart also benefit from the ReSound Smart application.

The ReSound Smart 3D application is compatible with a number of mobile phones, including Samsung (starting from S4 and above), LG (G3, G5, V20), Huawei (Mate 8 and P9) and Sony Xperia Z3. In fact, it can run on any cellphone that runs Android OS 5.O (Lollipop) or newer. Application features are identical to those that are useful for iPhone users, including:

Look for missing hearing aids
Tinnitus manager
Remote assistance from health care professionals
Geotagging saved settings
Adjust speech focus, noise and wind noise levels
Although there is no direct streaming between your phone and hearing aids, this can be achieved by pairing with ReSound Phone Clip +. You can also take advantage of additional features, such as simultaneous connections to two devices.

Signia touchControl application
Average Rating: 3.9 / 5 (9,078 Ratings)

The Signia touchControl application is very popular because of its simplicity and user-friendly design. This produces a high frequency control signal that allows Siemens hearing aid controls without intermediary devices. Features include:

Switch between saved programs
Easy volume settings
Audio balance adjustment
Tinnitus manager
Adjust the range and direction of the microphone
Check battery status
Full application functionality can be achieved by setting up your device by hearing care professionals with a better understanding of how hearing aids work. Users can then adjust various parameters in a range that still ensures maximum benefits.

The TouchControl application is compatible with any Android device running Android 4.0 or higher.

Oticon ON application
Average Rating: 1.9 / 5 (991 ratings)

This hearing aid application for Android works with Oticon Opn hearing aids based on their TwinLink Technology. This is the only hearing aid application to utilize the IFTTT, bringing the Internet of Things to hearing aids by integrating your hearing solution with a variety of home-enabled devices, lighting systems and more.

This application is compatible with most Android-based phones, including Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, and Google Pixel. Some of the main features include:

Look for missing hearing aids
Volume settings
Switch between saved programs
Connection to Oticon IFTTT channel

If you are using a cellphone or tablet running Android 8, the latest updates from the application allow your hearing aid control from the notification drawer. However, regardless of its great features, this application does not automatically switch between hearing aid programs based on geotag locations.

Alternative Android Hearing Aid Application
When using a hearing aid application for Android supported by related hearing aids it can be fun and useful, there are many other applications out there that function independently of hearing aids. Some of these applications do not attempt to act as a substitute for hearing aids, but instead provide complementary services, working to improve the user experience of everyday sounds.

Monitor Hearing Level
Monitor Hearing Level Application This application serves to monitor the sound level exposed by the user, warning you when your hearing is at risk. Applications like this are great for those who are aware about protecting their hearing, or who often find themselves in environments with high background noise levels.

Examples available on Android include TooLoud, Noise Control Pro, NIOSH Sound Level Meter (pictured here), and Noise Sensor.

Tinnitus Balance Application
Some of the applications of hearing aids discussed above are equipped with tinnitus management features, helping to balance the symptoms of tinnitus. Apart from these, applications such as ReSound Relief and Phonak Tinnitus Balance are uniquely designed to serve this purpose. Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds, also highly recommended for those with Tinnitus. It comes with more than 100 sounds and settings for you to choose and mix.

Call-to-text application
The application calls to text transcribing talks to facilitate better conversation understanding for users. There are many applications that are able to do this; Phonak myCall-to-Text app can change direct conversations and calls to be written, while P3 Mobile is a video service, delivering calls for those who experience profound hearing loss.

Hearing Test Application
Most hearing test applications are marketed as “indicative”, and are not intended to replace the services of a hearing care professional. However, these applications – such as the Sound Meter and the Signia Hearing Test – give users an idea of ​​what their hearing needs are. Most importantly, if the hearing test application suspects the level of hearing loss, they can warn the user and order them to make an appointment with a hearing care professional.

The Future of Hearing Aids Is Here
Technological advances have enabled many people with hearing impairments to continue to enjoy the rich sounds of everyday life. Having a level of hearing loss is no longer an excuse to avoid social activities, with a sleek design of the device which means that many users often have hearing aids unnoticed.

If you experience hearing problems, the only long-term solution is to get your hearing tested properly, and to explore options with a specialist. Start today with a free consultation from Tech.Co.

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