Cricket Plans For Smartphones, Here are the best Cricket Wireless plans

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Cricket Plans For Smartphones – Cricket Wireless is a subsidiary without an AT & T contract, previously named AIO Wireless, until AT & T bought the Cricket brand in 2014 from its founder, Leap Wireless. You may have seen company TV ads featuring strange green cartoon creatures that look a bit like the Star Trek tribe. They are a major force in a growing trend towards more cell phone buyers who get cheap handsets and pay in advance for them.

There are some fun things about using a Cricket plan. One of them is a cell phone connected to the AT & T network. That means you can carry almost any unlocked phone, as long as you can use GSM wireless hardware. Another thing is that they have various plans that are designed to suit anyone, even people who just want the phone to talk with and there are no smartphone features that kids really like.

Cricket Plans For Smartphones

Other facilities for all Cricket Wireless plans include no surprise fees – what they list is what you pay for – and a decent discount for a few lines.

We are looking at some simple plans that you can register with Cricket Wireless. Be aware that if you buy a telephone directly from Cricket and register to use one of the plans, it cannot be opened for use on other networks other than AT & T for at least six months after you buy it.

Limited Cricket Package
If you only want to get network access for your phone with calls and text services only, there is a Cricket Wireless plan that costs as low as $ 25 per month. Get unlimited calls and texts in the US, but note that you won’t be able to send any picture or video messages. You also will not have data at all. If you want at least a little data, Cricket has plans to talk unlimited, text and 2 GB of high-speed LTE data for $ 30 per month. None of these packages support multi-line discounts or discount AutoPay bills.

Up to $ 40 a month increases the limit of high-speed data to 5 GB with the same features. If you use AutoPay, you can reduce the price of the package to just $ 35 per month. However, it is still not available for multi-line discounts. All Cricket data packages are limited to supporting a feature called Streaming More. This is activated by default and will reduce some high definition video streaming to 480p resolution. This feature can be turned on or off at any time.

Cricket Package is unlimited
Actually there are two unlimited Wireless Cricket packages to choose from. We will start with a cheaper plan. For just $ 55 per month ($ 50 per month if you use AutoPay), you can register for the Unlimited Cricket Limited package. It offers unlimited conversations, text, and high-speed data in the US for one line. Note that there is a maximum download speed of 3 Mbps for this package. In addition, if you are one of the few users that exceeds 22 GB of data before the end of the billing period, you may find that the download speed of your cellphone has been reduced during the rest of the period.

Another plan is called Cricket Unlimited Extra. For $ 60 per month ($ 55 per month with AutoPay billing), you get unlimited talk, text, and data, but technically there is no limit to download speeds. Cricket does say that if your local network is crowded, download speeds can be temporarily reduced.

Both packages support video streaming on 480p, unlimited calls, text and image messages to and from Mexico, Canada and the US, and 10GB high-speed mobile hotspot data. If you go more than 10GB, the hotspot speed will drop to only 128 Kbps. This unlimited package also supports roaming in Mexico and Canada for calls, text and data. You can also send unlimited text to 37 countries in both packages without limits.

Multi-line discounts explained
Have a family, or a group of friends, and unlimited Cricket plans? You can save big with multi-line discounts, this works like this – the first line, pay the full price for the standard unlimited package is $ 55 per month. The second line gives you a discount of $ 30, or $ 80 per month. The third line gives you an additional discount of $ 10 or $ 90 per month. The fourth line gives you another $ 10 discount, so you pay only $ 100 for four lines. Finally, if you want to get the fifth row, you can just pay $ 25 for that extra, making a bill of $ 125 a month.

For Extra Cricket Unlimited plans, you pay $ 60 per month for one line. The second line gives you a discount of $ 30, or $ 90 per month. You pay $ 120 a month for three lines. The fourth line makes a total bill of $ 150 a month. Finally, if you want to get five lines, the total bill will be 180 a month.

Discounts are only valid for unlimited packages. Remember that you will only get one bill, but the good news is that family and friends don’t need access to your Cricket account to pay for their part. The cricket plan has a quick payment feature that only allows you to enter numbers and send payments. This will credit the account associated with the number, so there is no need to give your account login to a group of people.

Add-on cricket plan
Most Cricket wireless plans support a number of optional add-ons that offer additional features. With an additional $ 5 per month, you can add Cricket International, which supports unlimited calls to landlines from the US to 35 countries. If you pay an additional $ 15 per month, which gives access to Cricket International Extra, which also offers unlimited phone calls to 35 countries, plus unlimited messages and video messages to the same countries. Finally, it offers 1,000 minutes of mobile-to-mobile calls a month to 31 countries. In addition, operators offer additional packages specifically for people who only want to call certain countries.

If you have one of the limited Cricket data plans, you can add 1GB of data to the package for an additional $ 10. Finally, you can add mobile data hotspots for supported phones in a limited Cricket data plan with a $ 10 per month add-on price.

Even though the cellphone is connected to the AT & T network, the Wireless Cricket plan for the most part is the bare bones when it comes to features. You will not find luxury items such as free access to HBO or ways to combine your plans with a DirecTV subscription. However, if you want to save money, this is not a bad choice, especially if you already have an unlocked GSM phone that you bought on Amazon and you need several lines. Unlimited packages are also reasonable for families who, once again, want to save money and already have a telephone that they already want to use.

What do you think about Cricket Wireless telephones planned by prepaid operators now? Tell us what you think!

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