Top 10 Cool IoT Projects Examples with Possible Implementations


You may find it surprising to know that there are tons of cool IoT projects that can be done with simple and common tools, as well as affordable microprocessor modules. Some of them are fun and pretty easy (at least for the tech savvy people). Think about cool LED Christmas tree or LED dice, or Echo Amazon Clone. The list can go on and on without stopping.

Some Interesting Projects

There are no boundaries or limits when you want to do cool IoT projects – the options are pretty abundant. Whether you want to work with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or the Intel Edison – which is one of the most favorable modules – feel free to do it all. There are some worthy projects to try. But mind you, I’m not going to discuss the step by step way to do it. It’s just going to be a simple thing to do.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

The first one is the BB-8 Life Size Droid, which is perfect for Star War hardcore fans. What’s the use, really? Well, it is basically a toy that will move around the house or office quite often. If you want to have a futuristic robotic presence with a Star War look alike drone, this would be the perfect option. This drone is powered by Arduino and it can be controlled with the phone. You should be able to find the instructions to build the cool drone from various sources on the internet. Just browse around and you should find it.

Smart Office System,

Smart Office System,

Another cool IoT projects is the Smart Office System, which will enable your office to have this superb IoT environment and presence. This system can be easily installed and it is running with Intel Edison module. Browse for the installation instructions.

The next one is pretty handy when you often encounter problems finding a good parking space. Well, it is not an automatic detector to check the availability of the parking spot, really. It is just a simple system that can help you find out whether your parking space is occupied or not – despite the fact that it is really yours. Powered by Raspberry Pi, this project has a cool and easy installation system which you can find by browsing the net.


Further Exciting and Cool Projects

Those three example projects aren’t the only ones that are made possible with the existing computer modules. As it was mentioned before, the options can be limitless considering that there is no boundary when it comes to human creativity.



The Smart Baby monitor, for instance, is running with Ubidots and Intel Edison. This wearable item can be used to monitor the baby’s temperature, play, and sleep – which are definitely good for the improved safety. With this system, you can monitor the baby’s condition from anywhere, including viewing the data representation. Check the instructions and start having one of your own.

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In the end, you don’t literally have to be a rocket scientist just to be able to manage these things. If you have the materials and the resources, you can always create the cool IoT projects.


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