Cheap Smartphones Verizon, Best Buy offers a steep discount on Verizon’s Pixel 3 phones

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Cheap Smartphones Verizon – Even though there are dental problems, the Pixel 3 Google mobile combines incredible strength and features with a pure Android experience. If you have thought about jumping in but are hindered by the price of $ 900 Pixel 3 XL, now is the time. Best Buy offers a Verizon version of both devices with a steep $ 400 discount, so you might never find it cheaper.

When The Verge finds out, Verizon offers the same $ 400 discount, but it’s spread over 24 months and leaves you bound by a contract. Conversely, a Best Buy transaction gives you a savings of $ 400 immediately, with a balance on the price of a cellphone that enters your Verizon account.

Cheap Smartphones Verizon

That means you can pay it off from time to time or immediately, then switch to another operator if you choose, maybe while making a symbolic “clean hand” gesture (Verizon is Engadget’s parent company).

You still have to pay a $ 30 activation fee, however. If you only want a free and clear Pixel 3/3 XL cellphone, Google offers Pixel 3 for $ 150 and Pixel 3XL with a discount of $ 200. All these transactions prove that it never pays to be an initial user – especially for cellphones released in the fall.

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