Cheap Home Automation Basic Startup


If you think that cheap home automation isn’t possible then you haven’t done a thorough research just yet. On the contrary to what people believe, transforming the home into a smart one won’t cost you a fortune. In fact, some of the devices are pretty affordable and inexpensive. The key is moderation – and you should really know what you want. Only by doing so, you can make an educated decision about which system to install and what devices to include.

Keep in mind that things would be super expensive when the early adoption period starts. This is the time when something seems to be trendy or hype. Since demands will be high, the price tends to be high too. However, if you don’t mind waiting, the price will go down as the trend will subside. Yes, you will be a late adopter but if it is going to save you hundreds, even thousands, then why not?

What to Include?

When you want to build a smart home, know the basic components. One of them is the smart plug or outlet. They can provide an improved control as well as better convenience to users – and to connect the devices. One of the most popular types is the WeMo Belkin Switch. It may not be the cheapest but it is quite versatile. Feel free to set a schedule when to turn on or off the switch.

WeMo Belkin Switch

WeMo Belkin Switch

Keep in mind, though, that this may not be the best cheap home automation but it is one of the most popular picks. If you want to, you can browse the internet to find alternatives for the use. Besides this WeMo product, there are other alternatives. They are cheaper but with less versatility compared to the Belkin product. Ankuoo Neo is cheaper while SmartPower SmartThings outlet is more expensive.

What’s next from your smart outlet? Smart lighting, of course! The automation can be simple and yet it won’t cost you extra. For instance, Hue Philips LED light bulb will save 80% of the energy – more efficient than the traditional bulb. You can simply connect the LED light to your mobile phone app – you can incorporate a timer or have a remote control.

Of course, you can find other alternatives, like Dimmable LIFX Smart Bulb but it is pricier. This bulb offers the same features as the Philips but with higher price, which is probably not a good part of the cheap home automation. But it is up to you, anyway.

Going Further

Wireless D-Link surveillance camera

Wireless D-Link surveillance camera

You should also consider the smart surveillance if you want to increase the security parameter. The modern way doesn’t require you to spend a fortune. You only need your smartphone and also simple camera. IP webcam can be a great example. If you choose it, use the Webcam Watcher for monitoring the network.

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However, if you think that this system is too simple, you can choose a higher and a more dedicated option. The Wireless D-Link surveillance camera will be a good option and you can always connect it to your smartphone app. As you can see, the cheap home automation is highly possible, isn’t it?



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WeMo Belkin Switch