Cell Phone Vs Smartphone, T-Mobile OnePlus 6T owners reporting success unlocking the phone early

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Cell Phone Vs Smartphone – If you have T-Mobile OnePlus 6T, your device will differ in several ways from what you will buy directly from OnePlus through OnePlus.com. One important difference is the T-Mobile variant is the network is locked and the bootloader is locked.

There are usually four steps to getting a smartphone that is completely unlocked when you buy directly from T-Mobile:

Pay for the device in full
Request a network unlock
Wait 40 days to unlock the network
Continue with the steps to unlock the bootloader

Cell Phone Vs Smartphone

However, it seems that many OnePlus 6T users who bought a device from T-Mobile experienced complete success through the third step. You can see a collection of user comments from all over the internet gathered in Piunika Web that express their success.

How do they do it? Most said they only asked T-Mobile support representatives if they could pass 40 days waiting, and the representative was happy to help. Others use reasons such as international trips that will come or move to new locations that also produce responsible representatives.

There are also reported situations where reps refuse to unlock the device or for whatever reason cannot do it, but it seems that most users find success with this method.

However, remember that there is no point in asking for your device network to open the key if you haven’t paid it off. Only users with devices purchased as cash sales or equivalent can unlock.

After T-Mobile OnePlus 6T you unlock the network, you can use the device on another operator, unlock the bootloader, root the device, custom flash ROM, etc. There are helpful instructions on how to do it at XDA Developers.

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