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Carbonation Tablets – We have talked about how to make carbonated fruit before, even in groups large enough for parties, but this method is very simple, fast, and easy to do with things you might have. You will need a reusable water bottle with a screw cap, as shown above, some alka seltzer tablets (note that alka seltzer contains aspirin, which you might want to avoid.

If so, make sure you take tablets made only for stomach ulcers , which does not contain aspirin,) a plastic cup that you can use as a kind of “stand” in the bottle to keep the fruit away from the tablet, the fruit you want to fizzify, and of course, some water. Drop the tablet to the bottom of the bottle, cut the plastic cup so that it can sit on the tablet (with a gap around the side so the gas can escape) and then erupt in the fruit. Add a little water to activate the tablet, then screw the bottle closed.

Carbonation Tablets

It is important to note that this is a high-pressure project, so make sure to use a plastic bottle not made of glass, and make sure you direct the lid from yourself, others, or other delicate objects when you open it again, because gas will definitely have been built in in. Leave the bottle alone for about a few hours, preferably in the refrigerator overnight, and when you return, open carefully. Then enjoy your carbonated and carbonated fruit.

Visit the full guide at the bottom for step by step photos.

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