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Best Waterproof Smartphone – Break the screen and wait for Black Friday before you can change your cellphone? Don’t just go and take whatever LCD and glass you like. We have compiled a list of the best blowers that can be found – and there are some real craftsmen who can be found if you know where to look.


The Mate 20 Pro, equipped with technology from Huawei, might win the P20 Pro at the top of our Big 10, but the original three camera smartphone is still an absolute animal – and at this price is even more tempting. This is also far from a one-trick pony, with a beautiful design, a beautiful 6.1-inch screen, internally assisted by supercharged AI, and impressive battery life. If around $ 1000 asks for the price of the latest 2018 flagships that have made you inactive but you don’t want to compromise on specifications, you can do far worse than the P20 Pro.

Best Waterproof Smartphone

Is £ 799 | Now £ 629 (-21%)


There are not many manufacturers that meet the needs of people who have not wanted a terrible screen lately, so Sony 5in Xperia XZ2 Compact is a little anomaly in the world of smart phones. While the build quality doesn’t match the bigger siblings and it’s a touch on the chunky side, there’s a lot of power in it, plus this special deal also comes with a pair of excellent WF-1000X wireless earphones, which makes it even better . more bargaining.

Is £ 469 | Now £ 299 (-36%)


Many cellphones have been launched since the Galaxy S9 appeared on the screen at the beginning of the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s outdated. It’s still one of the best phones out there with a beautiful curved OLED screen, enhanced dual-aperture camera, and more power. If you are looking for a solid one at a reasonable price, the S9 is still there with the best you can buy – it’s just a little less than the wow factor.

Is £ 739 | Now £ 599 (-19%)


OnePlus phones are cheap items at the best times but take another 70 pounds from OnePlus 6 and you laugh. It doesn’t have a fingerprint reader on the screen from 6T but there is still a 6.28 inch 19: 9 AMOLED screen, lots of power and a dual camera setting on the back. That’s enough to please most people, while building glass makes it feel much more expensive than it really is, especially with an extra 15% discount.

Is £ 469 | Now £ 399 (-15%)

HUAWEI P20 (SAVE £ 200)

Although it may live in the shadow of both the P20 Pro and the new Mate 20 Pro, 200 pounds of the usual 5.8in Huawei P20 is still an agreement worth considering. There are only two cameras on the back but are still supplied by Leica and are equipped with a useful 2x optical zoom, plus a Kirin 970 processor and 4GB of RAM giving a lot of power. Although it’s still very interesting, and even though it’s not waterproof and doesn’t have a headphone port, you still get a lot of cellphones for £ 400.

Is £ 599 | Now £ 399 (-33%)


Have a habit of taking selfies but can’t afford to buy one of the new Pixel 3 Google phones? The Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra places a dual camera setting on the front rather than the back and pairs it with a massive 6in Full HD screen. Even though the overall performance won’t fascinate you, it’s not something you will find easily with this much money. It is available from the Giffgaff wallet-friendly network but this is for unlocked phones, so you can stick to any SIM card you like in it.

Is £ 349 | Now £ 199 (-43%)


Not infrequently you can get an iPhone at a discount and while £ 100 from the iPhone X still places it among the most expensive smartphones out there, it can’t be inhaled. This may not be the latest model but at a glance they might not distinguish it and you still get a Face ID, a 5.8-inch OLED screen, and a very good pair of cameras. Apple no longer sells X itself, so if you want to fool people into thinking you get the latest and the best, this might be your best bet.

Is £ 899 Now £ 799 (-11%)

HONOR 9 LITE (SAVE £ 50.99)

Even at its original price of £ 200 Honor 9 Lite is considered one of the stealing smartphones in 2018, so at £ 80 less it would be really criminal not to take advantage if you are in the market for entry level smartphones. Not that 9 Lite looks cheap, with glass and aluminum backs, 18: 9 Full HD screen and dual camera settings. This processor is a bit less powerful and the battery life is not the best, but at this price, it is a compromise that is worth making.

Is £ 169.99 | Now £ 119 (-30%)


The Moto G6 Motorola gives a pretty good impression about cellphones that cost much more than they should, especially now the price is cheaper than before. You get a 5.7 inch 18: 9 screen, a fingerprint sensor, a dual camera on the back to improve the performance of low light and a Snapdragon 450 processor in it so that everything runs smoothly. As an added bonus, this is a dual-SIM version.

Is £ 179.99 | £ 129.99 (-28%)

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