Best Strategy Game Apps, The best VR games and apps for kids and teens

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Best Strategy Game Apps – After you do that, you will find a large amount of content aimed at teens and pre-teens who will shake their world more than standard video games. Does your child live to challenge puzzles, need a way to exercise while having fun, or just want to shoot criminals?

Whether you are looking for an adorable short film to entertain younger children or violence to attract your angry teenagers, we are ready to help you. This is a complete list of games and applications to load on your VR headset before putting it in the gift box.

Best Strategy Game Apps

Note: Games followed by “(M / O / P / V)” are available on mobile VR, Oculus, Playstation and Vive, respectively. “(All)” means that the game is available on all four platforms.

The best free starter application
Fair warning: many VR applications often cost a penny while offering unlimited replay values. So before pampering your son or daughter with expensive experience, start with freeware VR which is intended to introduce people to the mechanism of virtual reality.

Oculus First Contact (O) helps you master Oculus Touch controls when you build a virtual robot and then play with your one-on-one creation.

Playroom VR (P), on the other hand, is Pesta Mario Playstation VR, where VR headset users play with, or fight, everyone on the couch in a fun collection of mini games. Children can enjoy VR in short bursts without feeling isolated from their families.

Our favorite VR intro is Valve’s The Lab (O / V), which puts you in Aperture Science Labs, where you can play mini games like archery, avoid projectiles, repair robots and teleportation throughout the Earth – all designed to help your child be smooth in controlling movement and walking without hitting furniture.

The best Earth exploration game, however, is actually not a game: it’s Google Earth VR (O / V). In this application, you can explore any region of the world mapped by Google satellites, from historic landmarks to mountain peaks to your own front page.

Mobile VR users will find many free applications with 360-degree videos to enjoy. YouTube VR (All) hosts NASA launches, skydives, concerts, and more – but don’t change younger kids off without parental controls activated.

Try Within (All) for a more selective film library made with famous directors and high production values, or Discovery VR (M / O) for nature-themed documentaries suitable for children.

Children under the age of thirteen will fall in love with free films such as Crow: The Legend (M / O) and Invasion! (All) – which sports graphics and level Dreamworks characters that seem to interact with you – or Allumette (All) and Henry (O), who will wow and entertain while attracting hearts.

Rounding up our favorite freebie list is NVIDIA VR Funhouse (O / V), a carnival that allows kids to play their favorite arcade games from home, and Waltz of the Wizard, a more juvenile magic simulator for Harry Potter fans who want to make potions and making delinquency.

Persuade children to exercise
Can’t let teenagers who love your game get out the front door? See if you can make it move and wrestle with games that will have a muscle that burns well before stopping having fun.

Beat Saber (O / P / V, $ 20) puts the lightsaber in your hand and you have attacked the sound block to the overall rhythm of the song. Beat Saber will frantically cut children and have fun. For younger children, activate the No Fail mode so they have fun without feeling bad about their skill level, or help your teen to download the mod so they can install special songs based on popular music.

Audioshield (V, $ 20) is another Guitar Hero-esque rhythm game that makes you punch orbs by tapping your own music library, or your children’s music, which should prove attractive to them.

To really make your teen sweat, try Sprint Vector (O / P / V, $ 30), an infinite runner racing game that makes you pump your arms to move forward and lean to avoid obstacles as you race against other players.

Shoot for shooters
First-person shooter games translate very well into virtual reality, and the best is to keep your child moving when they dodge and weave around enemy attacks. Don’t worry, we have chosen the best that is not too bloody.

Superhot VR (O / P / V, $ 25) has a simple premise: time moves when you do it. As many strategy games as shooters, your child must carefully plan his movements around your living room to avoid bullets and take on enemies. And again, there are many replay values.

Rez Infinite (O / P / V, $ 25), a rhythm / shooter hybrid that makes you drift and fight through digital landscapes such as space to the EDM soundtrack, will keep your teen away. And for more 12-and-below audiences, try Shooty Fruity (O / P / V, $ 20), an adorable on-rail shooter where your child can aim and shoot, well, fruit.

Puzzlingly confusing fun
VR is the best way to experience puzzles and mystery games: no mental disorders, no cheat guidelines online, only challenges that stimulate the mind to overcome them.

Regardless of its violent name, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (All, $ 15) is a relatively tame social party game for anyone aged 10 years and over. One person inside the headset tried to deactivate the bomb while the non-VR group learned to manually defuse the bomb and try to guide them through it before the timer runs out. Everyone involved will have a blast (pun intended).

Another game that sounds scary but is teen-friendly, I Expect You to Die (O / P / V, $ 25), turning your teen into a secret Bond-esque agent who tries to escape the traps that challenge and save the world.

Transposing (O / V, $ 20) will stimulate your teen’s mind with physics puzzles that bend reality in a dream-like world, while Talos Principle VR (O / V, $ 40) will provide dozens of challenging teaser hours, where most VR games only last a few hours.

If your teen is a fan of Clue, hit them with Invisible Hours (O / P / V, $ 30). Investigating the murder of Nikola Tesla, they had to find a house to look for clues and investigate suspects such as Thomas Edison, before naming the murderer.

Or for children who will enjoy a funnier, easier experience, try Job Simulator (O / P / V, $ 20) or an upcoming Holiday Simulator. This cartoon game provides tasks that are easily controlled by movements that can be played by young gamers, but with humor that is subtle enough to entertain adults and teenagers.

Our favorites cannot be missed
If your child is more artistic and creative than violence or confusion, you can’t go wrong with Google Tilt Brush (O / V, $ 20) or Masterpiece VR (O / V, $ 30), two applications that allow you to paint, tool and animate in 3D and then export your creation to your computer.

The Astro Bot Rescue Mission (P, $ 40) is probably the best platformer (think Super Mario) offered by VR. When you guide your brave robots through a beautiful animated world, you can bend forward to look for traps and then hit or kick them out of the way.

If you don’t worry about your teen spending too long in a headset, the highly addictive Minecraft VR (M / O / V, $ 7) is probably the last application you need to buy for a while. Or if you want to buy them an experience that you can’t find on the console, send them to Saturn’s ring with transcendent Lone Echo (O, $ 40).

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