Best Smartphone Microphone, Want to protect your new phone? These are some of the best iPhone XS Max cases

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Best Smartphone Microphone – The XS Max iPhone has been available starting September this year and there are many options to protect and show off your new iPhone. Everything is compatible with wireless charging features. The size of the new XS iPhone has reached 6.5 inches, and you have to find a special case or model that fits the model, because the old case used for the iPhone X will not match.

Best XS Max iPhone case
Rigid Back with Flexible Bumper Case for iPhone XS Max
Ultra Hybrid Spigen

This is the optimal case for your iPhone XS Max, which brilliantly displays the device and protects it as it deserves. It comes in hybrid construction, incorporating a bumper that can absorb awesome shocks along with a clear rear design, offering long-lasting clarity for displaying the iPhone XS Max in all its original splendor.

Best Smartphone Microphone

The frame is simple and compatible with wireless charging features. There are customized and precise cutouts for all buttons on the iPhone XS Max so you can access all features easily and conveniently. It’s pocket friendly and can be held comfortably. Its clarity is durable and offers resistance to yellowish. Certified by Mil grade for Air Cushion Technology. This is also compatible with Glas.tR.

Recommended for:

Those who want a sturdy design that can display the iPhone XS Max and its original appearance at the same time
Those who want long-term clarity in this case

Balancing Protection and Perfect Style for iPhone XS Max Cases
Spigen Tough Armor

This is the company’s best-selling case series for the iPhone XS Max. Spigen is a very popular and reliable case maker for several years. It’s sleek and the design is ergonomic, easy and comfortable to hold; Therefore, there is no need to worry about dropping your valuable iPhone XS Max device. It comes with a reinforced kickstand, which you can support to watch YouTube videos or other events while on the go.

This is certified with the Mil class using Air Cushion technology. It has been built in such a way as to withstand all kinds of drops, both light and strong.

Recommended for:

Those who want the perfect balance between style and protection for their iPhone XS Max
Those who want a strong exterior to resist accidental drops, both light and intense

Increase Case Options for iPhone XS Max
Speck Presidio Pro

This is a solid case for iPhone for iPhone XS Max available in Black. The outer texture has a soft touch and is equipped with antimicrobial treatment so that bacterial growth can be prevented and controlled. This is useful for people who use their iPhones in bathrooms and other environments where there are many bacteria.

It has 10 foot drop protection, because of the Impactium barrier. This material is found along the inner perimeter and compresses whenever there is an impact on the cellphone, to absorb shock and disperse it, without affecting the cellphone in any way. It has a double layer of strong protection.

The raised case panel offers additional screen protection from scratches and shatters, even if the phone lands on the floor with the face facing down. The finish is a soft touch that resists scratches. This is just as comfortable to hold and hold.

Recommended for:

Those who are looking for a strong and strong protector for their iPhone XS Max

Built to Work Protecting iPhone XS Max
Otterbox Defender Series

This is a difficult edition of Otterbox for your iPhone XS Max, offering screen access directly to users. The grip is good with non-slippery material. Included in the package are sarongs, which are useful for traveling on weekend trips or adventures.

This case offers multi-layered defensive protection, with a hard inner shell combined with an outer sheath and sarong. This is a case without a screen, which means there are no screen protectors built in this case, which means you can type and swipe directly on the screen. All port covers are present; this helps prevent dirt and dust from accumulating and clogging your iPhone XS Max jacks and ports. The cover can be used like a rotating belt clip and can be used as a buffer to view videos and media.

The material used is a shell made of poly-carbonate together with a sarong made of synthetic rubber and a holster in poly-carbonate.

Recommended for:

Those who are willing to pay the price for a tough and durable case for their iPhone XS Max
Those who want solid defense for their iPhone, which they can carry with them on a journey or adventure

Complete Rugged Protective for iPhone XS Max
Speck Presidio Sport

It comes with smooth visual sports with no rough corners and offers sturdy protection for the iPhone XS Max. This consists of 3 layers of protection; polycarbonate shell, together with one Impactium shock barrier and one Impactium Sport outside layer. It offers military class protection for a reduction of 10 feet. It also provides total protection around 360 degrees. The raised bezel offers full screen protection. Comfortable and soft to grip.

This case is compatible with wireless charging and has been tested by the lab for robustness and durability. All buttons are closed, but the functionality is well maintained; so, all the buttons press beautifully. The inner frame is present in a toothed pattern, offering rigidity and weightlessness as well. This case has a weight of 49 grams and is perfect for that. This is compatible with wireless charging as well. It has been tested to drop 12 feet with Impactium shock barrier, which is able to absorb shock to the impact and disperse it successfully.

Recommended for:

Those who want a smooth sport look are not rough angles in the case of their XS iPhone
Those who want a rigid anchor that is soft to hold, while safely covering their iPhone

Wade Safely to the Worst Situation with the XS Case iPhone
Lifeproof Fre Series

This is ranked among the top protective cases for iPhone XS Max devices. It is dust and dirt proof. It also offers protection against snow and water. The waterproofing is rated at IP68. This means you can dip your iPhone XS Max with this cover around 6.6 meters of water for one hour. This meets military standards as well, as far as dropping is considered. This is a slim casing and that doesn’t cover the screen in any way. The shockproof feature helps your iPhone to withstand 6.6 feet or 2 meters of shock and meet military standards 810F-516.

This is practically invisible to the eye and is scratch resistant too. You can get full access to all features, buttons, and controls using this case. You can charge and synchronize your phone using a USB port, with the cover on.

Recommended for:

Those who don’t mind paying higher prices for quality products that offer the ability to inspect dust, dirt, water and snow
Those who want a strong and reliable cover for their iPhone XS Max, without sacrificing quality

Slim Fit Sturdy Case Solution for iPhone XS Max
Crystal Clear Case Torras

It feels like Apple’s own product. It comes in matte and because of the matte silk finish case, it will never get stuck in your pocket. The design is right and right. The buttons on your iPhone XS Max can be easily accessed and pressed when using this case to protect it. It offers 1 mm protection for the camera and prevents scratches on it. This is also compatible with wireless charging.

This is a clear case that matches the iPhone XS Max like a glove without adding mass or weight that doesn’t need to be on the phone. It’s easy to install and delete. The back is clear and durable, displaying the original splendor of the iPhone. Pretty comfortable and soft to hold. The microdot technology used in this case prevents stains or bubbles from appearing on your phone. It uses the best quality non-yellowing material, offers clarity and durability for a long time. The edge of the bezel is raised to prevent scratches on the iPhone. Case angles are reinforced to offer greater robustness and protection.

Recommended for:

Those looking for cheap and durable cases to protect their iPhone XS Max
Those who want good protection for the iPhone XS Max without breaking the bank

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