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Best Pc War Games – Cancel the movie trip. This video game is the most preferred
The best-performing games in 2018 come in various shapes and sizes. Some of the most impressive visuals come from AAA centers, while others come from innovative indie studios.

Some of the standouts this year seem almost photorealistic as we can imagine.  Others have an art style that moves our imagination and tickles our senses. While they all offer something different, each of our choices for the ten prettiest matches in 2018 has amazed us since we stepped into their fantasy world.

Best Pc War Games

(Switch, PC)

In the first few moments of the Gris, all colors swept the world, leaving white, black and gray palettes. The eponymous protagonist, a young woman wearing a flowing dress, must return color and enthusiasm to her world. This is a metaphorical journey that does not display enemies or the possibility of death.

Puzzles and platforming sequences are relatively benign. So the power of the Gris comes from his presentation. Taking cues from the Journey – even the flapping of cloth in his dress – Gris is all about the atmosphere he creates from just walking. Beautiful moves.

When you make progress, the world starts to fill with color. As you enter the reddish desert, transition the Gris dress according to the color. When a sandstorm rages inside, he falls from the police and holds on to the edge for his dear life. Talent Gris y arty and rare environment must be experienced to be truly appreciated. But there are rarely games that are performed with very few Gris. It’s amazing to watch the world shift throughout its precious hours.


Octopath Traveler looks like a pop-up book that comes alive. Developed by Square Enix as retro JRPG, the graphic style is very attractive. Square Enix calls the style “HD-2D” because of the modernized pixelated visual.

To provide additional details on characters, including subtle animations, Square places a pixelated model on a low resolution polygon. This makes the character look quite close to 16-bit JRPGs while allowing them more space to have different features and personalities.

The environment itself, from wide open terrain to beautiful cities, feels close enough to touch. Dropped in full 3D, they actually appear from the Switch screen to make the effect of the pop-up book. Octopath Traveler is probably the prettiest classic-looking JRPG we’ve ever played.


The return of Obra Dinn may seem like a strange choice to be included in the list of the most beautiful games of the year. After all, Lucas Pope made this game look like a 1-bit Macintosh graphic, as seen in the old school adventure game. That means everything is black and white.

There are tons of jagged lines, and the resolution is endless rough. But its bold graphic style has finally become a shining feature. You soon grow to appreciate the amount of surprising details that the Pope can capture, especially when time is frozen and you are investigating the death scene on an eponymous ship.

Each scene shows one or more crew members frozen in time, moments after their death. The fact that the Pope was able to make this much depth puzzle game with seemingly imperfect visuals was impressive in himself. Aesthetics, however, eventually becomes an important aspect of travel. The return of Obra Dinn is certainly unique in everything, but that is what the Pope can do with a visual style that will be attached to us for years to come.


Shadow of the Colossus is one of the prettiest and best games on the PS2, so it makes sense if the PS4 remake will be a visual miracle too. But apparently, PS2 held back some of its prowess. Thanks to the high definition visual power, a world that rarely feels only sublime to ride on horses.

What stands out, of course, is 16 colossi. Even though they are the same mammoth creatures from the originals, the processing power of the PS4 gives them more detail. You can see the strands of each hair when you scale your legs and back. Significantly enhanced visuals make every giant you roll feel more real.

This also adds to the power of narration and pervasive sadness that seeps throughout the story of Wander’s efforts to save Mono. The beauty of Shadow of the Colossus ‘is characterized by its environment and mythical creatures that soar above it.

(PS4, Xbox One)

Rockstar Games’ latest work is about details, both large and small. You may have heard of certain horse parts that change size based on temperature. That is a good example of things that Rockstar put in that might not be noticed by the average player. For example, when the mud dries in Arthur’s jacket, the jacket becomes lighter, the clothes become moist after rain, and you can see snow spots between the soft beards of the beard.

The world is generally beautiful, with rolling mountain ranges, beautiful open fields, and human-like weather systems that reflect the atmosphere of your current story and actions. Cities, both large and small, accurately depict 19th century architecture. It feels like you’re in a Western movie.

Visual RDR2 is increasing with the transition between cutscene and gameplay. Everything is smooth, so you have never been expelled from this perfect world. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a great achievement in many ways, but the visuals, the preoccupation with every detail, are only a few miles ahead of other AAA open world games.


God of War is probably the best exclusive PS4 in the life of the five-year console. From a very talented team at Sony Santa Monica, God of War introduced players to the vast open world inspired by Norse mythology.

In an ambitious step, the developers decided to let the entire game run from the perspective of a single camera. God of War does not have a loading screen or a camera cut. This is one of the perfect experiences that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the amazing adventure of Kratos and his young son Atreus.

The absence of camera pieces makes the God of War even more eye-catching. Witnessing Kratos’s ax tore the enemy and the boomerang back into his hands which extended satisfactorily without stopping. Watching scenes of complicated scenes, especially those full of battle alone, gives you the feeling of watching a movie.

With PlayStation 4 on the back of its life cycle, it’s possible that God of War can retain its title as the best looking PS4 game forever (The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding might have something to say about it).


Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man does not have the level of detail in its world like that of other AAA games on this list, but it redeems tenfold with its dynamic battle system. Marvel’s Spider-Man can offer the most “fun” battles in a game this year. Fortunately, the display on the screen is as satisfying as it feels.

How you want to approach groups of war criminals is up to you. You can beat them on the ground, keep your attacks on the air, or mix Spidey gadgets to change things. What stands out is the smooth running of the web-slinging battle. It’s very fast and watch Spider-Man’s transition between throwing baddie across the warehouse to avoid the rocket to reach the rocket which says and slams it into a group of very cool enemies.

Even outside the battle, when you just swung across Manhattan, managed to attract visually. Insomniac tried hard to make players feel as if they were actually Spider-Man. And that means how web-swinging is also seen.

(PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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